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5 most common summer time plumbing problems

The majority of homeowners believe that it’s only during the winter season that most plumbing problems occur. However, this is not entirely true since, even during the warm weather, plumbing problems arise. Summer plumbing problems occur due to the wear and tear from the hot weather and the damaged faucets in your home. Here are some of the most common summer plumbing problems.

Slow clearing drains

Summer is often full of trips to the lake and beach. Things like dirt, pebbles, and sand from the beach empty in the bathing suits or shower, blocking the drain. Plumbing professionals recommend rinsing off outside, at the beach, or public shower before using your shower to prevent sand water from going down your shower drain. Another tip to ensure that there are no clogged drains is to remove any hair or dirt that gets on the drain cover.

Leaking pipes

The problem of leaking pipes forms a large part of plumbing problems, particularly in old houses. These days, the majority of taps are made from PEX. A lot of buildings built years back have copper pipes. Copper is more durable and stronger than PEX under normal circumstances. However, the problem is that copper performs poorly under extreme changes in temperature. The contracting and expanding will cause copper to break, while PEX becomes flexible.

Partial clogs and clogs

Another typical summer problem for many homeowners is clogged faucets or pipes. Clogged drains and sinks are a major problem and sometimes require to be solved by a professional drain cleaner. A homeowner should avoid using toxic liquids or chemicals for cleaning or unclogging the drain. The chemical substances often cannot clear all the dirt and clogging materials that clog your drains. Some of the clogging materials include brush bristles, toothpaste caps, toothpicks, hair, and soap. Therefore, your sink should have a drain cover that will help catch the foreign objects that go down the sink or drain, causing the clog.

Low Water pressure

One of the most annoying plumbing problems is having low water pressure in your home. Having a weak water pressure makes washing dishes and showering less enjoyable. Low water pressure can be corrected by making repairs at the pipe levels or valves. A new showerhead or pipe can sometimes repair the low water pressure. If the low water pressure persists, you may seek a professional plumber’s services to check the problem.

Washing machine malfunction

All summer activities can strain or cause damage to your washing machine. Heavy loads from dirty laundry can lead to overflows and blockages. Frequently check the hoses from your machine for kinks or leakages. It would help if you also moved your washing machine away from the wall to reduce the risk of overheating.


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