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Benefits of having a motion sensor installed on your property

When you own a home, in addition to maintaining the house you should also be looking for ways to keep your house secure and your family safe. One easy and cost-effective way you can upgrade your home is by installing a motion sensor on your property. Below are 6 benefits you could experience by having a motion sensor installed on your property.


Simply by having motion sensor lights installed on your property, you will be less likely to be the chosen target of burglars. Thieves look for the easiest house to rob, and motion sensor lights mean they are unable to hide, and if you have security cameras the would-be-thieves will be clearly visible in the recording if they proceed further. You can also install motion sensors that alert you if someone enters your house, so you can be made aware straight away if someone is there that shouldn’t be.


Walking from your car to the house at night in the dark can result in you or your family tripping on unseen debris or slippery puddles. Automatic lights triggered by a motion sensor solve this problem.


To avoid the dark walk from the car to the door some people choose to leave their external house lights on during the day so that the lights are ready for them when they return home. This solves the problem of walking in the dark but is terribly wasteful in terms of energy consumption and the related electricity costs. Using motion sensor lights instead will cut down the price of your monthly electricity bill and make you feel good about doing your bit for the planet.


If you’re sick of the frustration of fumbling with your phone flashlight trying to find your front door key while also trying not to drop the bags you are carrying, you might enjoy the convenience of having motion sensor lights come on for you as you approach the door.

Wildlife deterrent

Motion sensor lights may deter wildlife such as possums from coming too close to your house, keeping them from getting into places they shouldn’t and also protecting them from your animals.

Pet Safety

Boundary cameras triggered by motion sensors can be helpful if your pet ever strays from your property without your knowledge.

Installing motion sensor lights is pretty straightforward, and you can buy simple plug in lights at your local hardware store or an online retailer. For more complicated systems that include cameras and alerts to your phone or email, contact a professional for a quote.


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