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Buyer’s Guide to Choosing Kitchen Taps

There are so many types of kitchen taps to choose from that it can seem pretty overwhelming and confusing at first. If you’re having trouble narrowing down the search, choosing your preferred style of tap is a great first step. Below, we’ve put together a list of the most common and popular types of kitchen taps out there so when you’re ready to buy the decision making process will be much easier.

Single Lever Mixer Tap

Pictured above, this kind of tap features one handle that you turn to adjust the water temperature. Hot and cold water is mixed inside to deliver the perfect temperature. These taps make it much easier to adjust your water temperature and achieve a consistent temperature than traditional pillar taps. They have become increasingly popular with people looking for something simple and a bit more modern.

3-Hole Tap Set

This is a very classic design made up of a hot tap, a cold tap and a spout, all installed independently of one another above the bench and connected up together beneath it. This is just one of many styles of mixer taps that you can find and is a very popular option for bathrooms and laundries. Wall-mounted versions of 3-hole tap sets are also available.

2-Hole Bridge Tap

Bridge taps feature independent hot and cold handles installed on a bench or wall which connect to a spout to form a bridge on the countertop. With their hovering spout and visible pipework, bridge taps are perhaps the most ornate option and come in both modern and classic designs. The spout on countertop bridge taps is generally quite large and usually in an arched shape, similar to a pull out tap.

Dual Lever Monobloc Tap

For something in between, a dual lever monobloc (1-hole) tap is a nice option. Also known as twin lever, these taps come with two handles fitted to either side of the tap, one to adjust the hot water and one for cold. They make a great option for anyone not interested in getting a mixer tap but still looking for a more modern look than your classic tap set. As the hot water handle is independent, you won’t unnecessarily waste energy when you only want cold water.

Pull out tap

A pull out tap is one that has an extendable and flexible hose that you can pull out for when you need a bit of extra reach. These taps are great for rinsing your vegetables or spraying out dirty pots and pans with a bit of extra force. Cleaning your sink is also made a lot easier if you have a pull out tap, especially for larger and deeper sinks. One quick spray around the sides will save you the repetitive business of trying to clean the sink with a cloth.

Pillar Tap

Pictured below, this is your basic hot and cold twin tap set up where the taps are totally independent of one another. One advantage to pillar taps over mixers is you won’t need to worry about accidentally wasting hot water when using the tap to wash your hands or rinse vegetables. However, these days these taps are more commonly seen on laundry sinks and bathtubs.

Water Saving Tap

While not technically a style, if you’re interested in reducing your water use, choosing a water saving tap will certainly help focus your search. Water saving taps usually feature a spray, low-flow or aerator nozzle to maximise effectiveness of the tap while still reducing the amount of water coming out of it. These taps can go a long way to helping you reduce your water usage and your water bill with some using as little as 2 litres of water per minute (a typical tap uses about 15-18L per minute). If you’re looking for a water saving tap always look for the WELS rating on the packaging or jump on the Water Rating website to compare your options online.

Pascoe’s offers a wide range of taps that our local Perth plumbers can expertly install for you to get you one step closer to your dream kitchen. Whether you know what you want or still need some help choosing, give us a call today on 1300 072 726 or book online for a free quote.

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