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Common Causes of Burst Pipe

Burst pipes are one of the most dramatic plumbing issues and problems that homeowners encounter. Whether it’s the house’s supply pipes or plumbing network, water faucets can burst without warning, resulting in significant repair that requires the attention of a qualified and professional plumber. However, water supply faucets are designed or built to withstand and manage any considerable amount of force, thus resisting any pressure and bursting at all costs. Burst pipes also result primarily from significant structural damage.  Here are some of the other common causes of a burst pipe.

Improper Connections

One of the leading causes of burst pipes is poor pipe connections, which causes many problems to the entire pipe network. Incorrect and weak piping connectivity can expose water pipes to extreme external factors, including intense pressure, thus acting as an instant breaking point whenever there is a slight pressure buildup. These connections must be properly installed and maintained to prevent any issues.

Frozen pipe water

A burst pipe may also occur, particularly during the winter season, and can sometimes subject the liquid water to below -4 degrees Celsius. At low temperatures, there is a lot of water blockage since the water turns solid. The significant amount of pressure gathered at the blockage point due to the solidified ice subjects the pipes into tensional forces and extreme tension that forces the faucets to break apart. The water upstream from the blocked area in the pipe leaks until the necessary repairs are undertaken.

Excessive water pressure

Water pipes are built and designed to withstand a particular level of water pressure. The exact pressure level is usually a technical specification labeled on each faucet. Sometimes, the limits of the water pressure level can be exceeded, particularly in cases where high water volume is pumped through a pipe at a point in time. This situation mainly occurs when a narrow tube is used to supply more water, thereby causing extreme water pump pressure. Such intense water pressure exceeds the faucet’s structural ability to manage the withstanding force leading to an abrupt burst in the pipe.

Incorrect pipe layering and Pipe-work

Pipe connections and pipe work should be undertaken by a professional plumber experienced, licensed, and skilled in plumbing. In cases where unqualified individuals do the pipe layering, process mistakes tend to occur, leading to the incorrect subjection of water pressure in the faucets. In situations where a larger pipe is connected to a lower thickness tube, extreme pressure may cause the pipe to be structurally weak, resulting in bursting.

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