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DIY Tips to Prevent Indoor Drain Blockages

Prevent Blocked Drains

When dealing with blocked drains, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Blocked drains can turn into troublesome, time-consuming and much bigger problems if left unchecked. If you wait for drains to become blocked, you’re facing water damage, DIY home repairs or the cost to hire a professional plumber.

So, we’ve outlined some simple solutions to help you prevent blocked drains!

Preventing Sink Drain Blockage

For kitchen sinks, drain blockage is often caused by food, coffee grounds, and grease. So, aim to keep these out of the sink. Food and coffee grounds should be thrown out or composted instead. Additionally, grease and oil should put into a sealable container and disposed of in the trash or at a recycling centre.

Of course, your sink should also be equipped with a drain strainer to collect extra scraps and prevent them from getting stuck in your drain.

For bathroom sinks, do your best to avoid large amounts of hair, soap scum, toothpaste, and other grooming materials from clogging up your drain. Once your drain blocks with these materials, it can be a tough fix!

HOT TIP: To prevent any blockage build-up in sinks, pour near-boiling water down the drain once a week. This can help clear any build-up before it turns into an issue.

Preventing Toilet Blockage

To help prevent toilet blockage, it is imperative to watch what you flush! It’s important to remember that toilets are made to handle only human waste and toilet paper.

Materials like baby wipes, sanitary wipes, or feminine hygiene products can easily cause a blockage. What’s more, these materials absorb water, expand and do not break down easily, making for an especially troublesome blockage.

TIDY TIP: Have a bathroom bin! You may understand what should and shouldn’t go down the toilet, but others might not. Provide a bin to encourage correct waste sorting.

Preventing Shower/Bath Drain Blockage

These drains can easily get clogged from the variety of hair, dirt, grime, soap and other materials that come off while washing. Having a good drain cover can make all the difference in preventing a tough blockage.

However, this won’t solve all problems, so, it’s recommended to pour a mixture of vinegar and baking soda down the drain, leave it to sit for 5-10 minutes, and follow with hot water.

Hair is one of the main culprits blocking bath and shower drains. So, before you shower or bathe, brush your hair to remove loose strands, and fewer will end up in your drain. Pets also shed a lot during a bath so it is advisable to place a washcloth over the drain to catch the hair.


If you take preventative steps now, you may save yourself the headache of blocked drains later.

If you’re currently experiencing a drain blockage, check out our 4 Simple Tips to Unblock Your Pipes and Drains or get in touch with a professional plumber.

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