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  • Power Outlets

    Pascoe’s electricians can quickly and safely install or repair your power outlets.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Power Outlets

    Whether you’re building a new home, renovating and wanting extra switches or simply need to upgrade, when you are in need of new power points, switches and related services for your house, you don’t want to be left waiting.

    Pascoe’s electricians install power points, switches and power outlets suitable for a range of requirements, both inside and outside. From waterproof power outlets to power boards and multiple power points, there is something to suit. Have new switches installed, faulty ones replaced and outlets moved to another location throughout the home.

    If your power point has stopped working or if your points are old or blow fuses, they could need a simple rewiring by a trained specialist. And keeping up with technology changes, Pascoe’s also supply USB sockets and will ensure your computer, pool and spa power sources are up to date and the most suitable for your family’s needs.

    The qualified electrical team will install your power points at the most convenient points in your home, particularly helpful if you’re restricted on space or potential locations, so you can say goodbye to dangerous extension leads and provide a safer environment for those living in the home.

    When you need electrical switches, power points and other services for your home fast, give the experienced team of electricians at Pascoe’s in Perth a call to ensure you’re getting the best quality care available. Call today on 1300 072 726, or book online for a free quote.

    Pascoe’s are Perth's premier emergency plumbers and electricians, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Install RCDs

    Keep your family safe by having a Pascoe’s electrician install RCDs in your home.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Install RCDs

    If you’ve been experiencing power stoppages or fuses blowing in your home, there could be underlying problems that can put your family’s lives at risk of electrocution. Power stoppages or fuses blowing could be caused by an imbalanced flow of electricity from your main switchboard. If you are experiencing this, there are a number of reasons for it to occur, but it may likely be caused from not having RCD’s correctly installed in your home.

    Legal Requirements

    Since 2009 in Western Australia it is a legal requirement that all homes must have at least two RCDs installed, to protect your power points and lighting circuits through their cut-off function, however some older homes may not have them installed at all. If you have recently discovered that your new home or rented property doesn’t have RCDs installed, you should immediately call the professionals to perform the installation.

    In Western Australia, penalties of up to $15,000 for individuals and $100,000 for body corporate applies if there is breaches of regulations, and always remember that electrical work in Perth and WA always requires completion to be carried out by licensed professionals.

    Installing RCDs

    By installing the legally required amount of two RCDs, Pascoe’s can ensure your property's circuits can be distributed evenly, and they will also make sure that if one RCD is caused to stop, some of your lights and power will remain on, and your family will remain protected.

    If you are concerned that there is an issue with your RCDs, Pascoe’s can perform tests, repairs and installations to ensure the safety of your family is a priority.

    In Perth, your most experienced team at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are available 7 days a week to install RCDs into your home, and if you consider the job to be an emergency, they are available 24 hours a day to make repairs and installations.

    Call them today on 1800 531 781 for a free quote, and receive a free $50 gift card with all completed work.

  • Switchboard Repairs & Upgrades

    Don’t put up with an unsafe switchboard, get Pascoe’s electrical to upgrade you today.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Switchboard Repairs & Upgrades


    If you are having any problems with your power supply, old or faulty wiring could be the cause. Whether you need full rewiring or partial, an electrician from Pascoe’s will ensure your risks are reduced.

    Circuit breakers & RCDs

    Keep safe by ensuring your circuit breakers and RCDs (safety switches) are up to date, detecting faults immediately so you are protected against serious electric shock and electrical fires.

    Fault finding

    Pascoe’s electricians are experts in finding any faults that could be causing power supply problems. They use up-to-date testing technology for fast, simple and clear results, and offer advice on the best solutions.

    Switchboard Repairs

    A faulty switchboard can be dangerous to yourself, your family and your home. It could be as simple as a faulty fuse, or it could be a burning smell (urgent!). If your switchboard doesn’t seem to be working right, it’s best to have it checked ASAP. Pascoe’s electrical guarantee applies: Electricity Tonight Or Its FREE!

    Switchboard Safety Checks

    Safety checks are imperative, whether you’re buying or selling a property or you want to ensure your home is up to date. Pascoe’s electricians will inspect the switchboard and property so you know everything is compliant with current building codes and working as it should.


    When you’re renovating your home, you need to ensure your switchboard and all wiring is up to date and suitable to your new needs. New equipment and appliances could add stress to your current switchboard so it’s best to have everything checked by a professional.

    Give the team at Pascoe’s in Perth a call today on 1800 531 781 to discuss your requirements or book online for a free quote.

  • Split System Air Con

    Keep your Perth home comfortable year round with a Pascoe’s installed split system AC

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Split system air con

    Controlling the Temperature in your Home

    If you are tired of experiencing sweaty days or cold nights and have unmanageable temperatures within your home, there are a number of factors that can affect your household temperatures. Lack of correct insulation is one factor that affects the heat of your home, but the cost of insulating your house can quickly break the budget. There is one less expensive option however, and that is to have an electrician install a split system air conditioning unit into your home.

    Air Conditioning

    A split system air conditioner brings many benefits to your home, including lowered utility bills, and a lifetime of comfort, and your local team at Pascoe’s are experts when it comes to supply and installation. Split system air conditioners deliver a complete temperature controlled environment within your home whether it requires heating or cooling, and all at the touch of a button.

    When your Pascoe’s electrician installs a split system air con units into your home, it will help to minimise energy use, while maximising temperature control throughout all areas of your home. Air conditioning units also filter the air, so not only are you receiving more constant temperatures, but you are also breathing cleaner air, which will improve your family’s quality of life.

    The Local Professionals

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical in Perth are your nearby air conditioning specialists that can offer a range of advice and products that can specifically suit your home. Because most houses differ from the next, each air conditioner should be custom installed by a local licensed contractor with extensive experience, and that’s where Pascoe’s Electrical comes into the equation.

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are available 7 days a week, and are happy to offer a FREE QUOTE for supply and installation of a split system air conditioner in your home.

    Call us on 1800 531 781 today or book online to receive 10% off your price. Pascoe’s Electrical also have emergency plumbers available 24/7.

  • Electric Cooktops & Stoves

    For a mess free way to install your electric stove or cooktop, call Pascoe’s.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Electric Cooktops & Stoves

    If your old electric cooktop or stove is getting close to its ‘used by’ date, or you are looking at renovating your kitchen, there are a number of different options available for repair or replacement of your old cooker. If you want to save some money when installing a new cooktop or stove, retaining the electrical elements to your cooking is one way to do just that. If you are on a budget for the renovation one good option is to have Pascoe’s electricians refurbish your old cooktop or stove.

    Old Cooktops are a Hazard

    There are a number of reasons your old cooktop or stove might stop working, and these can include faulty burners, a burner socket with a bad connection or a faulty switch. Continuing to use your existing oven or cooktop that is starting to age can have a few affects you might not expect. An old oven can create many hazards which can originate from malfunctions caused by age. There is a range of repair and part replacement options for cooktops and stoves. In Perth, Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are the local experts in the field who can offer a free quote on repair and replacement parts for your cooker.

    Choosing a new cooktop

    Pascoe’s licensed electricians are very experienced and have excellent product knowledge when it comes to electrical goods. From standard elements to induction cooktops, the team at Pascoe’s can help you with any type of electric cooktop or stove repairs. It’s important to remember that any electrical work in Western Australia must be performed by licensed professionals, and Pascoe’s Electrical offer supply and install packages to ensure the work is carried out to legislation.

    If you are looking for free quotes or same day service, call the nearby professionals on 1800 531 781 or book online to receive 10% off the price. Pascoe’s don’t charge call out fees, and offer a free $50 gift card with all completed work.

  • Electric Oven

    Book a Pascoe’s electrician to safely and easily install you electric oven.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Electric oven

    Is your old electric oven beginning to show signs of age? Has it stopped cooking as good as it used to do, or has it stopped working altogether? Your old oven could be costing you unnecessary spending on your electrical bills and could be making cooking a lot more difficult than it should be.

    Repairing Your Oven

    Repair of your old oven can save you a significant amount of money, depending on what work is required. Replacing your old oven usually happens without even considering whether the old oven could be repaired for cheaper. If your oven is beginning to show signs of aging, like slow or inconsistent cooking, chances are it could be costing more than it should to run.

    Other signs of irreversible aging of your oven can include seeing stains or soot around the oven door, which could indicate the door is warped, and if the door doesn’t close tightly, it could mean the seals are damaged, or if food is not cooking properly, it could indicate that the element might be burning out. The good news is that the repair of your oven can easily suit your household budget, and Pascoe’s electrical are your local specialists when it comes to oven repairs.

    Your Local Experts

    If you are looking to repair or replace your electric oven, then you really should contact Perth’s leading electrical repairers and installers, Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical. Pascoe’s Electrical can quote on the best electric oven repair options to suit your needs. They are experts in the repair, supply and installation of all things electrical, and ovens are a specialty installation item.

    Pascoe’s local electricians can help you to work a repair budget for your oven. When it comes to ovens there are a number of factors to consider, and Pascoe’s will work with you to make a decision that suits your needs and space perfectly.

    Call us or book online for a free quote or for nearby same day service 1800 531 781. Pascoe’s have a range of services including emergency plumbing and electrical.

  • Hot Water System

    For a reliable hot water system service, or a state of the art upgrade, call Pascoe’s.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Hot water system

    Hot Water Issues?

    If you have a hot water system that is not working to its full extent there could be many reasons it is having problems. Common hot water system issues can include tank leaks, not producing enough hot water, water that is not hot enough or water that is too hot, weird noises from within the tank, or discoloured smelly water. All of these issues are actually quite common with aging hot water systems, and there are a number of fixes that can end your hot water troubles.

    Repair or Replace?

    If your hot water system is left too long with any of the above issues, it may actually cause irreparable damage to the unit, or it may completely break down on you. If your hot water system is showing signs of age or damage, and winter is coming, then you should get a qualified tradesperson to come and take a look, and fix any issues before the weather gets too cold, and leaves you without hot water when you need it the most.

    Pascoe’s are the Experts

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are the nearby experts in Perth when it comes to gas or electrical hot water systems. Pascoe’s electricians can come out to your home and determine what the issue is, give you a quote to repair it or offer you product information for the supply of a new replacement system if the old one is too far beyond repair.

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have many years’ experience in all things electrical and gas, and when it comes to repairing or replacing hot water systems, there is no one better to call for the job than your local experts. It’s important to remember that in Western Australia you need to have a licensed tradesperson perform any electrical or plumbing work by law, and Pascoe’s have tradies available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Call them to arrange a free quote on 1800 531 781 or book online. Pascoe’s have emergency electrical and plumbing available and they don’t charge a call out fee.

  • Install Lighting

    From energy saving upgrades to feature lighting, Pascoe’s electricians can help.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Install Lighting

    Home Lighting

    When you are renovating your home one of the most important replacement items is your lighting. If you are spending tens of thousands of dollars on your renovations so you can enjoy your home to its full extent, you need to understand the importance of clever lighting to enhance the natural aspects of the renovations of your pride and joy. When renovating, it is important to have your electrician ensure the wiring is up to date when you replace any lighting.

    Enhance Your Home With Lighting

    There are two main types of lighting when it comes to renovation, and those are task lighting; which has a function in a specific area (like above a table or bench) and decorative lighting; which is merely to add an aesthetic element to the room to enhance the entire space. Choosing new fixtures or lighting types is a specialty of Pascoe’s electrical, and they can offer a range of lighting options from colour changing LED lights to >dimmers and switches to suit your renovation style.

    Use the Experts

    Knowing which lights should go where requires a specific set of skills and experience, and if you get it wrong, you could end up wanting to start all over again with your renovations. Pascoe’s electricians are the local experts who can help. If you are renovating, part of your overall plan should be to have a lighting plan, so you get the most benefit from your money spent.

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical can help you to create a lighting plan for your renovation before it’s too late. We have the expertise in all things electrical and have experience to know exactly what works and what does not. Our electricians can help with everything from lighting supply to correct installation, and we are always nearby in Perth.

    Call us today on 1800 531 781 for a quote. No call out fees, No hourly rates, just quality electricians in your local area.

  • Repair Lighting

    With Pascoe’s electricians all over Perth, lighting repairs are only a call away.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Repair Lighting

    Damaged or Broken Lights are a Hazard

    Damaged or broken lights can cause a lot of issues, ranging from safety and security to excessive energy bills or worse, they could become a fire risk. If you have noticed any of your lights flickering intermittently or if your light bulbs happen to blow more often than they should, it could be time to replace your lighting, or have repairs carried out on your lighting to find any underlying issues.

    Broken lights are not only annoying but they pose a security risk, and if located in an area of your property where lighting should deter intruders, then it’s an issue that should be resolved with haste. Light fixture damage is frequently caused by fitting light bulbs with wattage ratings that are far too high; however overheating and light fixture failures can be prevented by using light bulbs specified by the manufacturer or your electrical contractor.

    Replace or Repair

    Failing to replace or repair faulty lights could result in a number of ongoing issues; however the cause of the faulty lights is more importantly rectified, as they could actually stem from faulty light sockets, faulty wall sockets and switches or even issues with wiring inside the walls. If this is the case there might be some invisible hazards that could put your life at risk, and immediate repairs should be carried out. Light fixtures can often fail because sockets or their built-in switches wear or burn out. Some lighting fixtures have switches or sockets that can be removed for repairs.

    Your Professionals are Nearby

    In Perth, your premier electrical repairers is Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical. Pascoe’s electricians can come out to your property and perform a number of tests that can help to determine where the issues are coming from with your lighting, offer a free quote to repair or replace the items, and carry out the work on the same day.

    Contact Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical via their online portal, or call 1800 531 781 to arrange for a free quote. No Call Out Fees, No Hourly Rates, just good service!

  • Security Systems and Alarms

    Protect your home and family with a fully installed, hard wired sytem.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Security Systems and Alarms

    Protect Your Investment

    Protecting your investment is on the top of the ‘to do’ list for many homeowners in Perth, and when it comes to protection, there are certain elements of security that you can install in and around your home to ensure your home and its contents are safe. Without a quality safety and security plan in place for your home, you could be left out of pocket or without a home in the case of break in or if nature delivers some unpleasant surprises. So what is involved in s safety and security plan for your home?

    Security Systems

    There are a few main elements, and those include, but are not limited to: security systems, which includes security cameras, intruder alarms, and a range of other items; smoke alarms, which are an obvious installation when it comes to any home; and lighting for security purposes.

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are your local Perth electricians and have a very broad range of home security solutions. Pascoe’s electrical are always nearby to conduct security installations when you need it. Pascoe’s Perth electricians are electrical experts and have a broad range of products to suit your security plan. From alarms to intercoms, monitored security systems to CCTV Pascoe’s experienced electricians will always ensure your security is their priority.

    Smoke Alarms

    Smoke alarms should be hard-wired to your power source and Pascoe’s will make sure they are working correctly and placed in the best areas of your home. They also have a range of monitored smoke alarm systems that can connect to your home’s data or phone lines.

    Security Lighting

    Lighting for security purposes is a very important element of your home security plan, and Pascoe’s are your local professionals when it comes to supply and installation of lighting.

    Pascoe’s are available 24/7in Perth, call them today on 1800 531 781 or book online for a free quote. They also have plumbers and electricians on standby in case of emergency.

  • Switches, Dimmers & Sensors

    Pascoe’s electrical can install light switches, dimmers or sensors in no time

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Switches, dimmers & sensors

    The Importance of Good Lighting

    The lighting in your home is one of the biggest key factors to attaining comfortable living. Not only does good lighting create comfort, but it also offers security and peace of mind. If you are having issues with getting the right amount of light in your home, there are a range of items that can help you achieve the ideal lighting levels for each individual room. Rooms that are too bright can give you an uncomfortable feeling if you spend a lot of time in them, and low light rooms can be harmful for your eyes. However some rooms you might need to have an option for bright lighting and low lighting because the room has many purposes.

    Lighting in your home can sometimes be affected by other factors. Sometimes light switches can become worn and stop lights from working altogether, and sometimes light sensors fail with age creating security issues.

    Adaptive Lighting Plans

    If you are looking for adaptive lighting for your home, there is a really broad range of products that can help you to achieve perfection. From manual dimmers and sensor lights to completely electronically controlled digital lighting systems, there is an option that can be custom designed to suit your home. If you are renovating, it is important to have a lighting plan to make the most of every room, and the money you spend renovating, and Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical in Perth are the local experts when it comes to everything electrical.

    Your Nearby Professional Electricians

    The Pascoe’s team have an array of switches, dimmers & sensors that they can combine with many types of uplights, downlights, spotlights, internal lights and LED lights to construct the best lighting options, completely customised to your home. They can perform repairs 7 days a week on existing lighting elements, and change any lighting, switches, dimmers or sensors that are in need of replacement.

    Book Pascoe’s online to get 10% off your price, or call 1800 531 781 today. No Call Out Fees, No Hourly Rates, Just Quality Electricians!

  • Power Outage

    Suffered a power outage? Pascoe’s will have an electrician out to you fast, 24/7.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Power outage

    If your power has gone out, but you know you’ve paid your energy bill and you have checked and discovered that no one else in your street has lost power, then there are probably some issues within your home that need urgent attention to get your power back.

    In this situation, there are a number of reasons your power may have gone out, and they could range from blown fuses, failing RCDs, a broken light bulb or faulty appliance that may have blown a fuse or turned off the supply. It is very important that you call out an electrician to check your fuses and trip switches, and to find if there are any wiring faults or any faulty appliances. If your fuses have blown or your trip switch is set ‘off’ you might have problems with wiring or have a faulty appliance.

    Don’t risk it

    If there is wiring issues it could pose greater risk to your home and family so you don’t want to waste any time. In Western Australia, legislation states that you must contract professional electricians to complete any electrical work, and in the interests of your own safety and that of your family, why would you risk doing it yourself?

    A Pascoe’s Electrician is Nearby

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are Perth’s premier emergency electrical contractors, and we have electricians on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The local team at Pascoe’s can come to your home at any time of the day and find the source of the electrical problem, and repair or replace any parts that are faulty. We have a very broad range of experience in electrical repairs, and will respond to your call with urgency when you have a power outage.

    Call 1800 531 781 immediately. Pascoe’s Electrical also have emergency plumbers on standby 24/7.

  • Smoke Alarms

    You can trust the Pascoe’s electrical team to get your Perth smoke alarms up to code.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Smoke alarms

    Smoke Alarms Save Lives

    The safety and security of your family is one of the most important factors to think about when you are building or renovating your home. Protecting your family against fire is a priority, and wrongly installed smoke detectors or not having them at all poses serious risk.

    When smoke detectors are installed into your home, they must be placed in the most beneficial positions throughout your home to meet particular standards, and to work most effectively. Since 1 October 2009, in Western Australia, mains powered smoke alarms are required to be fitted in all residential buildings, and fines of up to $5000 can be given for failure to comply.

    Where Should Smoke Alarms be Installed?

    It is also important to know where and how many smoke detectors should be installed into your home. Small houses, or units may only need one smoke detector however for the average sized home requires at least two hard wired smoke alarms installed, and multilevel houses or apartments require smoke alarms to be fitted on each level. The most common hard-wired smoke alarms currently being installed are photoelectric smoke alarms, and your electrical specialists at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have a wide range of alarms to meet your home’s specifications, and can supply and install 7 days a week.

    Your Local Professionals

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are nearby in Perth and will ensure your smoke alarms are functioning properly, effectively located and circulated through your home to meet Australian housing standards. Another additional element to the installation of smoke alarms that Pascoe’s electricians can connect is a fully monitored smoke alarm system that connects to your home’s data lines and phone lines. As well as being able to supply and install new systems, Pascoe’s electrical offer a range of advice and options available to ensure your current smoke alarms in working order.

    Call Pascoe’s today for a Free Quote on 1800 531 781, or book online to receive 10% offor choose to receive a free $50 Gift Card on all completed work.

  • Phone Lines

    Need phone line repairs or new cabling installed? Call a Pascoe’s electrician.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Phone lines

    Faulty Phone Lines?

    If you have recently moved into a new home to discover the previous tenants or owners had never had phone lines installed, or maybe you have just finished building a new home and have no phone lines, it can pose a few problems. If you already have phone lines in your home but need phone lines located in a separate area of your home for a separate line for a home business, then specific phone cable extensions must be carried out by a licensed technician.

    Sometimes the lines in your home can become damaged or faulty due to many reasons; like rodents or water damage. When your cables become damaged or faulty it can cause many issues from phones not working to internet and alarm faults.

    The Perth Professionals Can Help

    Installing new phone lines, adding additional phone lines to your home or having repairs carried out can be an arduous task if you don’t know what you are doing, so it’s very important that a trained tradesperson performs the task. In every home there is a complete forest of wiring to make everything work how it should, and without professional expertise or qualifications you should not be attempting to find your way through the mass of confusing cables and wires.

    Your Local Experts

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical in Perth are your local experts when it comes to installation and repairs of phone lines and wiring. Pascoe’s can connect additional telephone outlets, locate and repair existing faults and in addition to installing phone lines, they can also connect monitored smoke and intruder alarms through your telephone and data lines in the name of safety.

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are nearby and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the Perth area, and if you book them online you will receive 10% off the price. Call them today for a free quote on 1800 531 781. They also have emergency plumbers available in your area.

  • Data Connections

    Pascoe’s electricians will get your Perth data connections working at their best.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Data connections

    With the massive advancements currently being rolled out by the Australian government with the National Broadband Network, depending on where you live and what existing data lines you have in your home, you may need to do some minor upgrades within to ensure you get the most out of the new fast internet speeds.

    Data Cabling

    Sometimes issues can occur with your data cabling that creates issues with your internet and anything else connected to the data lines. Because the cabling network within your home’s wall is a very intricate and delicate setup, it is important not to attempt to try and find issues yourself, and it is especially important that you do not attempt to repair any issues.

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical electricians in Perth are qualified to tend to all your data cabling needs, whether you require installations or repairs. Pascoe’s can supply and install a number of different items relating to data cabling, and investigate and repair computer and internet networking related issues.

    NBN Home Cabling

    With the installation dates drawing near around the country for the NBN, upgrading your home networking and telecommunications cabling in preparation for installation is a very good option. Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical electricians can set out a data cabling and NBN cabling plan for your home, and can customise a complete networking system to suit the needs of your home.

    Once your home is connected to the NBN, it is also a good idea to remove or upgrade any old data and telephone outlets, and Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical electricians can perform the task for you, as well as allocate NBN friendly outlets in the rooms that you need them.

    If you need telephone or data cabling services and live in Perth, give Pascoe’s a call on 1800 531 781 or book online for a free quote. Pascoe’s electricians also offer a free $50 gift card with all completed work.

  • TV Connections

    Pascoe’s electricians are fully qualified to sort out your TV cables or antenna.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    TV connections

    With the massive amount of new digital options for television available in Perth, there are so many more reasons to make sure your TV is connected properly. One of Australia’s favourite past times is watching television shows that can keep us entertained for weeks on end. With new technology and internet based digital television networks and platforms, it is possible that your old TV won’t be capable of keeping up with everything without a few adjustments.

    Home Entertainment Customisation

    One of the most common custom changes local Perth residents are making in recent times is to have an additional television set installed in outdoor areas, or in bedrooms and even bathrooms. New televisions are becoming very inexpensive to buy, and with this comes more options for in-home entertainment, and more options for relaxing viewing.

    When it comes to custom television connections and installation in your home, the team of electricians at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have a very broad range of options that will have you enjoying hundreds of digital channels and TV shows and movies all through your home in no time. When it comes to home entertainment, no job is too big or too small for Pascoe’s electrical.

    The Local Specialists

    Pascoe’s electrical are specialists when it comes to home entertainment, and can cater for everything from concealed wire installations and TV wall mounting and connections. Your nearby Perth electricians will ensure your television is connected and fitted securely and safely, and Pascoe’s electrical have a range of products available for installation that can connect all your televisions through a network of data cables; so your online viewing platforms can be easily accessed on all of your televisions.

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are also your local experts in repairing and fault finding in existing systems, so give them a call today on 1800 531 781. Book online today to receive 10% off or a free $50 gift card on job completion.

  • Intercom

    For sophisticated intercom solutions, book a Pascoe’s electrician today.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth


    Home Security

    As a homeowner it is important to know that your valuables and family are safe, and having a practical system in your home for security purposes is very important. One of the most common renovations in Perth to offer better security for homes is high fences to make yard access more difficult for intruders, as well as offering privacy while your family is inside. Although it does make your home more secure and more private, it also makes access difficult for the people you actually want to be able to enter, like family and friends, or if you run a home business, your clients.

    Installing an Intercom System

    One of the best ways to create a secure yet accessible entrance to your property is through installation of an intercom system, which can be linked to your phone and data network, depending on the system. The latest intercom systems offer great convenience and allow you to be able to speak to anyone who is at the door.

    Some systems offer other features like push button controls of your doors and gates, so you can let people in without having to go outside. Intercom systems installed in strategic zones or entry points of your property makes it possible to screen anyone who wishes to enter your property. One other great feature of intercoms is that they don’t just have to be from front entry to the main living area, they can also be used between rooms to contact family members whenever you need them.

    Your Local Professionals are Nearby

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical can offer a free quote to supply and install a range of basic or advanced intercom systems to suit your home’s needs. From basic standalone systems to innovative integrated computer and data network based systems, Pascoe’s can set out a customised intercom plan that will suit the security requirements of your home.

    Call 1800 531 781 today for a free quote, or book online to receive 10% off. Pascoe’s also offer emergency plumbing and electrical repair work 24/7.

  • Electric Timers

    For hardwired electric timers installed in your Perth home, call Pascoe’s.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Electric timers

    When you’re a home owner, it’s important to be able to save money on the simple things when possible. One of the most frequent ways of over spending in our homes is of course electricity, and we constantly drum it into our families to turn lights off when we are not using them, and to save us much power as we can because it is just so expensive. Although we try hard to conserve energy, sometimes it is just not possible, but there are options available that can help to reduce power consumption.

    Electric Timers

    One of the most beneficial ways to conserve energy is to use electric timers in our homes on the appliances and electrical devices which are not needed to run full-time. Timers are very convenient in areas of your home where you need fans, heaters or lights to run for short or intermittent amounts of time and have the option to turn off automatically.

    Automatic electric timers are not only useful inside your home, but they can also be very useful outside your home, particularly when it comes to security. You can set your security lights and outdoor lighting to turn off during daylight hours to conserve electricity. Electric timers can also be used for garden watering, with timers set on pumps and irrigation networks on your property, and there are even timers specifically designed to be able to operate your pool filtration system or cleaning settings at set times of the day.

    The Local Professionals can help

    If you believe that your home can utilise electric timers, an electrician from Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical is nearby, and with their expertise, can not only show you the best options for your property, but can supply and install a range of products to help save money.

    Pascoe’s Electrical can offer a free quote and are available 7 days a week. They offer same day service and emergency electrical and plumbing repair options as well. Call them today on 1800 531 781.

  • Security Lights

    Looking for security lights? Call Pascoe’s for a safety consultation now.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Security lights

    Security at your home and on your property is one of the most important aspects of keeping your family and belongings safe. When your home security is not completely up to scratch it can be an open invitation to thieves. There are many aspects of a home security system that should be part of an overall security plan for your property, and can include everything from alarms and alarm monitoring, window and door locks, intercoms linking to front doors or gates, security cameras, and security lights.

    Security lights

    One of the best deterrents of thieves is good lighting. It is much easier to access a home in complete darkness, and even if there is other forms of security deterrents like security cameras, they are basically useless if there is not adequate lighting. Security lights should be installed to ensure all immediate areas of your property are lit via sensors if anything moves in the spaces around your home.

    Security Lighting Plan

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are the leading electrical contractors in Perth, and can set out a security lighting plan for your home and property. Pascoe’s electricians can supply and install everything from built in sensor lighting to motion detectors and they can also link up your lighting and sensors to your monitored alarm through your phone or data lines, so if there is security breaches, you can record and monitor the situation. Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are also very experienced in fault finding and repairs on existing security lights, and can also install wiring and lighting for all of your outdoor areas. Pascoe’s electricians have a broad range of products available that can be catered to your specifications, and suited to your home.

    Contact Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical today for a free quote on 1800 531 781 or book online to receive 10% off your price.

  • Electric Cable Extensions

    When you need electrical cable extensions, look no further than Pascoe’s.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Electric cable extensions

    When renovating your home or adding extra buildings to your property, it is almost a guarantee that at some point you are going to need electrical work performed in the process. One of the most common renovations in Perth is adding of granny flats on property, or adding sheds or workshops and adding outdoor living areas.

    With additional spaces and buildings on your property comes the additional requirement for electric cable extensions to your new home additions. One of the most important elements to a successful renovation is quality lighting, and if you are planning extensions, additions or just wish to install some outdoor lighting on your property, then you need to have a lighting and electrical plan in place so you can make sure the job is done right.

    Lighting and Electrical Plans

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are your local experts when it comes to extensions of electrical cabling, and in Western Australia it is actually illegal to attempt any electrical work without a license. If you have planned for a granny flat, shed, extension or outdoor living space to be built on your land, Pascoe’s Electrical can visit your property before building commences and work on a lighting and electrical plan with you, to ensure safe and practical outlets are available when and where they are needed the most.

    Your Local Professionals in Perth

    If you are adding an outdoor area, workshop or shed it’s important that after your renovations are complete, your lighting is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, and Pascoe’s electricians have a range of amazing products for supply and install that can suit the specific requirements of your build. Practical lighting in the places you need it the most will benefit your space for years to come, and your local electricians are nearby, and available for a free quote.

    Contact Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical today on 1800 531 781 or visit them online. Pascoe’s also offer a free $50 gift card with all completed work.

  • Re-wiring

    Need a Perth electrician for quick and safe re-wiring? Give Pascoe’s a ring.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth


    One of the most common issues you will come across as a home owner, especially if you have bought an older home; is that with age come problems. The wiring in your home is designed to last a long time, however when wiring ages, it can become weak and start to show faults or damage. Although the products may have been top quality when they were first installed, it is very hard for older homes to keep up with modern technology without requiring at least some upgrades.

    The Importance of Re-Wiring

    One of the most common issues when renovating an older home is finding that wiring needs to be re-installed because it simply won’t be capable of withstanding another 20 years of work. When it comes to re-wiring, it can be a very expensive task, but unfortunately it is just one of those things that should be done for the safety of your family and the protection of your home and its contents.

    Although your home may not need to be completely re-wired, when renovating am particular room, you should consider the options of making sure they electrical components will stand up to the renovations and be able to work sufficiently for years to come.

    Your Nearby Specialists

    The best way to make sure this happens is to have your local electricians come to your home and check over the electrics in your home. Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are the nearby specialists when it comes to re-wiring in Perth, and they have many years’ experience and an excellent knowledge of products available for supply and install.

    It is important to know that in Western Australia, a licensed electrician must perform all tasks relating to the supply, install and repair of electrical items. Pascoe’s Electrical can offer a free quote, and if you book online you will save 10% off your price.

    Contact Pascoe’s today on 1800 531 781.

  • Outdoor Power

    For outdoor power to your patio, shed or garden, book a Pascoe’s electrician today.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Outdoor power

    Lighting & Entertainment

    Pascoe’s Perth electricians can help you make the most of your outdoor spaces with a wide range of outdoor lighting and electrical solutions. As well as light fittings we can fit power outlets to run fairy lights or a powered water feature to help you create your own private retreat right in your backyard.

    Pools & Spas

    If you live in Perth with a pool or spa, remember Pascoe’s. Our local electricians are the people to speak to when you want to ensure all your pool’s electrical wiring and nearby outlets are running safely. If you would like to set up a music system by your pool, a Pascoe’s electrician will install it for you the right way. Water and electricity don’t mix well so it’s vital you have everything checked out by an expert.

    Shed & Outdoor Power

    When you’re building a shed or granny flat in your backyard, give one of Pascoe’s Perth electricians a call. We can run power out to the new building, install outlets, lights, fans or anything else you might need. Don’t try using an extension cord to power it, not only is the cable itself dangerous, the wall outlet it is run from probably can’t handle everything you’ll want to plug into it, especially if you’re using large power tools.

    Garden & Pond

    If you have an outdoor area that you love, let Pascoe’s help you show it off. Our Perth electricians can help you come up with the perfect garden lighting from smaller lights in your garden beds to embedded lights along your footpaths or even spotlights underneath a large feature tree. If you have a pond with an electric filter pump we can wire it up for you safely and discretely.

    If you live in the Perth area and would like to speak to an electrician about outdoor electrical services, call Pascoe’s on 1800 531 781 or book online for a free quote.

  • Pool & Spa Connection

    Pascoe’s electricians can safely connect up your pool or spa in no time.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Pool & spa connection

    Whether you are buying a new or old home, one of the best options for homeowners to be able to enjoy their property all year round is to install a pool or spa, or both. Pools can be a great entertaining option all year around if heated, and spa can also be a great way to relax any time of the day. When installing a pool or spa however there are certain elements of the installation process that require electrical components to be installed.

    Electrical Safety is a Priority

    It is really important when you are having a pool installed that all the electrical wiring and nearby outlets are working correctly and safely. Failure to move electric outlets away from spaces where water might be able to run off, could have disastrous results, and correct installation of the electrical elements of your pool is imperative. Pool heating, cleaning timers, lighting and entertainment systems are all other options that require electrical work on pools, and in Western Australia any type of electrical work must be carried out by a professional qualified electrician.

    Your Local Electricians Can Custom Install

    Pascoe’s Electrical, Gas and Water are your local Perth professionals when it comes to supply and installation of all electrical components when it comes to pools and spas. Pascoe’s electricians can supply and install a range of outdoor lighting that can enhance your outdoor entertaining and poolside areas. They can also install a range of outdoor home theatre and entertainment systems, including televisions, music systems and creative lighting. They can install safe outdoor electrical outlets so you can run water fountains, fairy lighting, spotlights or path lighting.

    Because it is so important to keep anything electrical away from water, you must make sure the professionals look after the job from start to finish. Pascoe’s have expert staff nearby, and are up to the task of custom installation and quality product supply.

    Book online to receive 10% off, or call 1800 531 781. Receive a free $50 gift card with all completed work.

  • Appliance Fault Finding

    Worried one of your appliances is on the fritz? Call a Pascoe’s electrician.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Appliance fault finding

    If your home is experiencing power outages, it could be a result of a number of things, but one of the most common reasons is faulty appliances. Although your appliances may still be working for most of the time, they can become faulty with age, due to damage or just simply wearing out, and when this happens it can cause your electrical system to short out, causing your power to turn off. Before the days of RCDs, when an appliance failed it could easily cause electrocution or fire, but with the legislation that requires installation of RCDs into homes, the chance of fire and electrocution are reduced substantially.

    What happens when my appliances are faulty?

    Sometimes appliances can encounter electrical issues with age or damage caused by rough handling of the appliance or from pests, like rodents. When there is damage, sometimes wires touch that was not meant to, which causes a short circuit. When this happens a current flows through the fuse, or the circuit breaker opens a circuit, blowing the nearby fuse or tripping the breaker, causing the power to turn off.

    What to do

    If you believe an appliance has caused a trip, the best option is to turn off all your household electrical appliances and unplug them, and then call your local electricians. Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical can come to your property and find the fault for you.

    Because most households have a large range of electrical appliances, it can often be very difficult to locate one that is faulty. When Pascoe’s electricians visit your home we will run a series of tests to determine which appliance is defective, and ensure this is rectified by removing the appliance causing the problem and ensuring your powerboard and electrical switches are all in working order.

    Call Pascoe’s if your power cuts out on 1800 531 781 for a free quote or emergency service. We offer 10% off if you book online and won’t charge you a call out fee.

  • Appliance Testing

    Book a Pascoe’s electrician for extensive, reliable appliance testing.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Appliance testing

    Whether you have a residential or commercial property, it’s important your onsite appliances, machinery and electrical items are regularly tested, and maintained. With electrical appliances, age can impact their safety and performance, and if they are not maintained correctly, it can be costly. On top of being costly to repair machinery and appliances that have not been maintained correctly it can cause a number of different hazards for both employees and customers or clients that may have access to them.

    What do appliance testers test for?

    In a basic appliance test, your electrician will inspect the appliance for damage to connections, covers, flex, guards, and plug and then once confident the appliance meets safety standards, the item’s earthing, insulation and polarity will be tested. Appliances that receive the most use are the ones that need to be tested most frequently, like kettles, coffee machines and toasters in business kitchens, and power tools should be regularly tested as well.

    How often should my appliances be tested?

    Testing of items differs depending on the amount of use they receive. Some items require daily testing in the most extreme of circumstances, but most appliances are to be tested monthly, three monthly, six monthly, yearly, two-yearly or five-yearly, according to legislation. If you are concerned about testing or the safety of your appliances, call Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical to have one of their qualified local electricians discuss your options.

    Pascoe’s Electrical technicians can test all your electric appliances for faults, and ensure they meet safety standards, and we are experts in finding faults that can cause power supply difficulties. Our modern testing technology delivers efficient and flawless results, and Pascoe’s electrical professionals are always nearby when you need an electrician in Perth.

    Book a Pascoe’s electrician online today to save 10% off your price, or call 1800 531 781 for a free quote.

  • Connecting & Disconnecting Power

    Pascoe’s electricians are fully qualified to connect and disconnect your power.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Connecting & disconnecting power

    When it comes to connecting or disconnecting power in your Perth home, there are 2 main reasons you’d want to do so: internal connections, including appliances and faults; and external connections, such as power for new house builds and subdivisions.


    When it comes to connection internally - the type of disconnection and reconnection work required to be performed by a licensed technician can include anything from electrical wiring of appliances, testing for the safe isolation of appliances to be disconnected and reconnected, replacement of ‘faulty” fuses and resetting of ‘tripped’ circuit breakers and RCDs.


    If you are building a new home or subdivision, at some point in the project you’re going to need power connected. The earlier you have this done, the better. When it comes to subdivisions, there are different methods to suit the size – for example low density is generally powered by high voltage lines along road reserves, whereas for medium density you’d have a low voltage supply on each lot (underground mains). If you need help to determine what suits you, Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have an electrician in your area to answer your questions and perform any task you require.

    Pascoe’s have experts nearby

    Pascoe’s are the specialists in Perth when it comes to electrical systems. Our electricians can give you a quote to install or replace lighting, appliances and can offer you expert product information on everything electrical. We have experienced and fully licensed tradies available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cater to your electrical needs.

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have many years’ experience in all things electrical, and there is no one better to call for the job. Call to arrange a free quote on 1800 531 781 or book online to receive 10% off.

    Pascoe’s also have emergency electrical and plumbing available and we don’t charge a call out fee.

  • Connect Solar Hot Water Systems

    Get your solar hot water system connected fast courtesy of Pascoe’s electrical.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Connect solar hot water systems

    A carefully selected solar hot water system can be considerably inexpensive to run in comparison to a standard electric or gas system and with government rebates and incentives there is more reasons to be installing hot water than it being good for the environment.

    Installing Solar Hot Water Systems

    One option you can utilise with your old hot water systems is to convert them, to run on solar or replace them with a solar hot water system. Did you know solar hot water systems, although a little more to pay upfront, can save you a lot of money in its lifetime?

    Your home hot water system is one appliance you don’t want to fail, and solar hot water systems are very reliable, especially in our sunny Perth climate. Besides being reliable, solar hot water systems are extremely durable and both cost and energy efficient. Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical can install a solar water system to help you reduce emissions and save up to 75% of your water heating costs.

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical in Perth are your experts when it comes to connecting solar hot water to your home. Our electricians are very experienced in the supply and installation of all types of solar hot water systems, and can also repair failing systems, find faults and offer options when it comes to electrical needs.

    Pascoe’s have an electrician nearby, call us on 1800 531 781 or book online to receive 10% off your price. Receive a free $50 gift card with all completed work.

    Pascoe's Guarantee: Hot water tonight or it's free*

    Pascoe's Plumbers supply, install & repair hot water heaters to all of Perth. If you call us today with a broken hot water heater, we'll have it fixed or replaced by the same night or you won't pay a cent.

  • Earth Stakes

    For safe installation or repair of earth stakes, call a Pascoe’s electrician.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Earth stakes

    Although you might not realise it, there is one particular item that belongs in every home and without it, and it would be very dangerous to live there. The item is called an earth stake, or earth rod, and an earth stake’s purpose is to deliver a calculated electrical path to diffuse static discharge voltage (like lightning) to earth, or ground. Electrical circuits are connected to ground (earth) for numerous reasons, in mains powered appliances or machinery, unprotected metal parts are connected to earth to avert human contact with dangerous voltage.

    Connection to Earth

    Earth connections which use electrical earth stakes are vital for the functioning operation of electrical safety switches in your home. If your building is not earthed or grounded, you can be electrocuted. If there is no ground connection, your safety switches will not work and electrical faults can cause a house or its appliances to become ‘live’ when the current flows to earth.

    How do earth stakes fail?

    Earth stakes often do fail for a number of reasons like poor connection or no connection between the earth stake and the electrical wire, dry soil or concrete filled in around the earth stake, an earth stake that is too short or not in contact with the ground, and the most common issue is when the earth stake becomes damaged or rusted.

    The Local Perth Electrical Experts

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have a number of electricians who can test, find faults, and repair or supply new earth stakes for your property. Pascoe’s electricians are experienced in all types of electrical faults and repairs, and offer same day service, because they always have an electrician nearby.

    Call them today to arrange a free quote on 1800 531 781 or book them online to receive 10% off your price. Free $50 gift card with all completed work.

  • Electrical Compliance Certificates

    If you need an electrician for electrical compliance certificates, call Pascoe’s.

    Pascoe's electricians and plumber, Perth

    Electrical compliance certificates

    When you’re renovating or building a new home or extensions and you have had electrical work carried out, one thing you need to bear in mind is that you must have electrical compliance certificates with all completed work.

    Installation of new appliances requires certification showing that the work has been carried out correctly and that a licensed contractor has completed the work. Installation of items like solar panels, hot water systems, air conditioning units, ovens and dishwashers all require compliance certificates.

    What is an Electrical Safety Certificate?

    An electrical safety certificate guarantees your work was safely completed by a licensed electrical contractor and complies with regulations. These compliance certificates apply to all electrical installations (excluding repairs) completed on residential, commercial, industrial and institutional premises.

    In Western Australia all electrical contractors or electricians must be licensed and safety certificates are required by Energy Safety to be delivered on completion of all electrical works. These certificates are also a requirement when selling a property to ensure all electrical appliances are safe. Electrical compliance certificates are also required when any new electrical installations are completed for example a new power outlet; however these are not required if an existing appliance is being replaced.

    When Pascoe’s electricians perform cabling installations in your home we are also required to submit notices for work that includes telephone cables, data cables, and fire and security alarm systems cabling that connects to phone and data networks. But you don’t have to worry about that, because Pascoe’s electricians look after everything from the time you book to compliance certificates.

    Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have electrical contractors available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to carry out all types of electrical repairs and installation, including emergency call outs. If you book online you will receive 10% off your total price, and on completion of work, you will also receive a gift card valued at $50.

    Call Pascoe’s electrical today on 1800 531 781 for a free quote.