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Electrical Safety During and After a Storm

Hopefully by now you’ve prepared your home for winter, if not, it’s a good idea to take the time to do so. However, even the best laid plans can come undone and a lot of times damage and danger from storms is unavoidable. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to stay safe during and after a storm.

Report any fallen or damaged power lines

Many people don’t report things because they believe someone else will or already has. This delay can slow down the repair process and increases the chance of someone getting hurt. To keep everyone safer and ensure the fault is repaired as soon as possible, always call to report any fallen or damaged power lines that you see.

Tune into local radio to stay update

Along with candles, matches and a torch, it’s a good idea to keep a battery operated radio in your emergency kit so you know what’s going on, even during a blackout. The weather can change and worsen very quickly but listening to a local radio station will keep you up-to-date and informed to help you stay safer.

Give fallen or damaged power lines a wide berth

While you’re waiting for someone to arrive to perform the repairs, do whatever you can to avoid coming into contact, or even close proximity to the power lines. It’s always best to assume the worst, that the wires are live and pose a serious threat to your safety. 

Use your mobile, not a landline

During an electrical storm it’s safer to use your mobile to make any calls as lightning can travel along telephone lines and cause shocks. If you do know a storm is coming, make sure your mobile is charged and ready in case it’s the only way you’re able to communicate.

If you receive a shock from an appliance or fixture, call an electrician

Whether during or after a storm, it’s important to remain cautious around electricity because it can often be hard to tell the extent of the damage caused by the storm. Receiving what seems like a mild tingle or shock can indicate a more serious wiring problem. To stay safe, have it checked out as soon as possible.

Don’t use water damaged appliances until checked by an electrician 

If any of your electrical appliances or cables have gotten wet during the storm due to a leak, flooding or water coming in through an open window, proceed with caution. Avoid using them until you’ve had a licensed electrician check for any potential danger.

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