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How to install a dishwasher by DIY Vs Professional

When installing a dishwasher, you should know the process involved so that you can decide whether to hire a professional or do it yourself. Knowing the work involved will also help you to understand the cost associated with the task. When you want to install a dishwasher by yourself, you should check whether you have the necessary tools and experience to carry out the job. A dishwasher is an appliance that needs proper installation. A shoddy installation will reduce the lifespan of the dishwasher and result in expensive repairs in future. Here are some of the steps involved in installing your dishwasher.

Connect the electrical cord

Most of the dishwasher’s working parts are found behind an access panel on the dishwasher’s front bottom. The majority of people find it easy to lay the dishwasher on its back to make preliminary connections and access the panel.

Attach the water supply

A dishwasher connector will include a dishwasher kit that will help connect the water supply to the dishwasher. The first step to hooking up the water supply to the dishwasher is by installing the dishwasher 90. Situate the water inlet fitting on to the solenoid valve. Thread the dishwasher 90 fittings to the solenoid valve by using some joint pipe compound.

Connect the water supply line

The dishwasher kit also contains a braided water supply tube that is made from steel. Thread the supply tube coupling nut onto the dishwasher 90 fitting and tighten with an adjustable wrench or channel-lock pliers. This is a compression fitting that does not need a joining pipe compound. Be careful not to over-tighten to prevent stripping the threads.

Position the dishwasher

This step involves sliding the dishwasher into place below the kitchen counter, connecting the water supply, power cord, and the cabinet’s drain hose sidewall holes. Line the equipment up to the middle of the opening without pushing it too far back.

Anchor the dishwasher

After placing the dishwasher, you can adequately fasten it into place. To access the mounting brackets, you can open the dishwasher door. Use the screws provided to tighten the brackets to the cabinet frame below the lip of the counter.

Hook up the water supply tube

Attach the end of the water supply tube to the shutoff valve below the kitchen sink. Next, turn on the shutoff valve and look if there are any leaks. Check also under the dishwasher to see if there are any leaks at the end of the supply tube. If you notice any leaks, slowly tighten the fittings a little more.

Test the dishwasher

Plug the dishwasher’s electric cord and before putting the face-plate on the front, test the dishwasher by running it through a full cycle. Ensure that the freshwater is being absorbed and the drain water is flowing out appropriately without any leaks.


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