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It’s Time to Switch Your Ceiling Fan to Reverse

Winter has arrived and if you’re feeling the chill that means it’s time to flip your ceiling fan’s reverse switch. Not all fans have this feature but if yours does it can go a long way to making your home feel warmer at very little cost. If you’re about to buy a ceiling fan, make sure it has a reverse option and you’ll be making a great little investment you can take advantage of all year round.

There are two ways to find out if your fan has a reverse option. On newer fans your wall panel or remote control will have a switch or button to change the direction of the blades. If you can’t find this your next best bet is to look at the fan itself. Older fans often have a switch near the motor which may or may not be labelled. Flipping this switch and then turning your fan on should result in a change in the direction your blades spin.

If you’re wondering how it works or worried that the fan being on and spinning in any direction could still produce a cool wind you need not be concerned. In summer, on the default setting, a fan’s blades spin counter clockwise pushing air down to create a cooling feeling as the air meets your skin. In winter however, on the reverse setting, the clockwise spinning blades create an updraft that pulls the cool air in the room and redistributes the naturally risen warm air back down to where you can feel it.

To get the most benefit there are a few things to do beyond just flicking the switch to reverse. Ensuring the ceiling fan you own is best suited for the size of the space it’s in is a must. If you’re looking to buy make sure to find this out before making your decision. If you have the right fan it’s just a matter of using the right speed setting. In most circumstances the lowest speed is the best option to warm you up without creating too much air movement. A higher speed setting can be okay if you have an especially high ceilings though.

If you were toying with the idea of installing a fan in summer, now is a great time to get one. You may be able to snag a bargain by buying in winter but you don’t need to wait until winter to reap the benefits, if you choose one with a reverse switch you can make your home feel more comfortable all year round. The reverse setting is so effective you may even find you need to run your heater a lot less frequently which can greatly reduce your power bill.

For more tips on keeping your home warm this winter or help choosing and installing a new ceiling fan, speak to a Pascoe’s electrician today. For a free quote on any job simply book online for 10% off or give us a call on 1300 072 726.

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