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If your home is experiencing power outages, it could be a result of a number of things, but one of the most common reasons is faulty appliances. Although your appliances may still be working for most of the time, they can become faulty with age, due to damage or just simply wearing out, and when this happens it can cause your electrical system to short out, causing your power to turn off. Before the days of RCDs, when an appliance failed it could easily cause electrocution or fire, but with the legislation that requires installation of RCDs into homes, the chance of fire and electrocution are reduced substantially.

what happens when my appliances are faulty

Sometimes appliances can encounter electrical issues with age or damage caused by rough handling of the appliance or from pests, like rodents. When there is damage, sometimes wires touch that was not meant to, which causes a short circuit. When this happens a current flows through the fuse, or the circuit breaker opens a circuit, blowing the nearby fuse or tripping the breaker, causing the power to turn off.

what to do

If you believe an appliance has caused a trip, the best option is to turn off all your household electrical appliances and unplug them, and then call your local electricians. Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical can come to your property and find the fault for you.

Because most households have a large range of electrical appliances, it can often be very difficult to locate one that is faulty. When Pascoe’s electricians visit your home we will run a series of tests to determine which appliance is defective, and ensure this is rectified by removing the appliance causing the problem and ensuring your powerboard and electrical switches are all in working order.

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How much does appliance fault finding cost?

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