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importance of testing

Whether you have a residential or commercial property, it’s important your onsite appliances, machinery and electrical items are regularly tested, and maintained. With electrical appliances, age can impact their safety and performance, and if they are not maintained correctly, it can be costly. On top of being costly to repair machinery and appliances that have not been maintained correctly it can cause a number of different hazards for both employees and customers or clients that may have access to them.

what do appliance testers test for?

In a basic appliance test, your electrician will inspect the appliance for damage to connections, covers, flex, guards, and plug and then once confident the appliance meets safety standards, the item’s earthing, insulation and polarity will be tested. Appliances that receive the most use are the ones that need to be tested most frequently, like kettles, coffee machines and toasters in business kitchens, and power tools should be regularly tested as well.

how often should my appliances be tested?

Testing of items differs depending on the amount of use they receive. Some items require daily testing in the most extreme of circumstances, but most appliances are to be tested monthly, three monthly, six monthly, yearly, two-yearly or five-yearly, according to legislation. If you are concerned about testing or the safety of your appliances, call Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical to have one of their qualified local electricians discuss your options.

Pascoe’s Electrical technicians can test all your electric appliances for faults, and ensure they meet safety standards, and we are experts in finding faults that can cause power supply difficulties. Our modern testing technology delivers efficient and flawless results, and Pascoe’s electrical professionals are always nearby when you need an electrician in Perth.

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How much appliance testing cost?

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