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aquamax stainless steel range

If you’re looking for a premium hot water system for your Perth home, the Aquamax Stainless Steel range is ideal for all size homes.

The stainless steel casing means the cylinders are more resistant to corrosion, giving you greater longevity than other styles. They’re also 50% lighter than their enamel counterparts and more versatile, so they’re easy to move if you need to.

a size for everyone

Supplied, installed and repaired by the experienced team at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical, the AquaMax Stainless electric range comes in 80L, 125L, 160L, 250L or 315L. The lowest capacity heater is designed for 1-2 people sharing a living space, and is capable of delivering 1-2 full baths or showers. This product was also nominated for an energy efficiency award in 2013.

Upwards from there, the 125L and 160L models are perfect for households with low to medium hot water consumption (on average).

The Aquamax 250L is 25% more efficient, and suitable for 2+ bathrooms, with 3-5 people living in the home. Similarly, the larger-scale 315L is also suitable for 2+ bathrooms, and is suitable for larger homes that have an average of 4 to 6 occupants.

choosing the right system

The stainless steel system isn’t suitable to some types of water, including bore water and hard water so make sure you talk to the team at Pascoe’s to ensure you’re making the right choice for your home.

With a full 10 year warranty, you’re guaranteed hot water that is both fast and efficient. Find out more about the Aquamax Electric Stainless Steel by giving the experienced team of plumbers a call at Pascoe’s in Perth on 1300 072 726 or book online for a free quote. We offer same day service and if you book online, you will receive 10% off your bill price.

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