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aquamax gas storage

5 star efficiency

If you’re after a high quality gas storage water heater for your Perth home, the AquaMAX Gas Storage range have a 5 Star energy efficiency rating, feature the latest burner technology and are built with high quality stainless steel cylinders designed to store water at higher temperatures than your standard heater.

The experienced team of plumbers at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical supply, install and repair AquaMAX Gas Storage water heaters across the region.

Suitable for external installation, AquaMAX Gas Storage heaters are available in 390L, 340L and 270L, all natural gas.

aquamax gas storage range

The AquaMAX G390SS provides 390L first hour delivery and has an inbuilt mixing valve. It is ideal for 3+ bathrooms with 3-6 people and has a maximum water supply pressure of 1120kPa.

The G340SS is suitable for homes with 2-3 bathrooms and up to 5 people and is installed with an approved tempering valve (to prevent scalding). It has a 155L stainless steel tank and delivers 340L in the first hour.

For homes with 1-2 bathrooms, the G270SS provides 270L of untempered 60°C hot water in the first hour. It has a tank capacity of 130L.

Each unit uses mains pressure to keep up with high demand and includes a 10 year cylinder warranty.

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