Blocked Drain

Suffering blocked drains? Pascoe’s plumbers can help. Whether it’s a sink, drain, toilet or sewer, we’ve got the solution.

Unattended drainage problems can lead to flooding, property damage and health problems. Don’t put-up with blocked showers, bath drains, kitchen sinks or toilets. Whether internal sewer or external storm water issues, Pascoe’s offer solutions.

Protect your family’s health by attending to all blockages immediately. Clogged drains may be unhygienic with hair, fats or grease collecting, causing breeding-grounds for bacteria and mould in bathroom and kitchen pipes. Backed-up showers/sinks force dirty-water exposed to this up drains, creating unhealthy conditions.

How we fix blocked drains
Pascoe’s plumbers have vans kitted-out with latest drainage technology equipment unblocking pipes and cleaning drains. Electric eels and high-pressure drain cleaners (hydro-jets/jetting machines) clear blockages. CCTV drain cameras inspect causes and potential damage. Pascoe’s can get to the bottom of your pipe problems via multiple methods, depending on needs.

Have you got a backed-up toilet, or sewer drain blockages need clearing? Electric drain machines (eels) are flexible steel rods with cutting apparatus for clearing tree-roots or hard obstructions. If tree-roots are your obstacle, drain-cleans are recommended every 6-12 months.

Suspect problems beyond your reach, deep within pipes? Drain jetters (hydro-jets) have longer reach for cleaning sewer/storm water drains. Excellent for kitchen sinks clearing grease/fat blockages, and removing roots deeper into pipes. Enormous strength for serious cases, jet-water pressure cuts any blockage, saving excavation. Pascoe’s clean, access and repair drains wherever needed.

Concerned about potential damage/re-occurrence? Pascoe’s can ease your mind surveying situations. CCTV drain cameras sent down storm water drains/sewer pipes, review reasons for blocked drains after clean-up, analysing for pipe damage (breakages requiring repair), in cases of collapsed or misaligned pipes.

Whether kids flush toys, sinks won’t empty or drains smell and gurgle, Perth’s Pascoe’s plumbers will fly to your rescue! From debris to heavy rains, incorrect DIY installs, water-flow inadequacies or broken pipes, experts at Pascoe’s quote free.