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what causes a blockage?

Blocked sewers and drainage problems are often the result of damaged or blocked pipes, caused by tree roots, settling of the ground, machine damage or incorrect installation. After Pascoe’s clear the blockage we can investigate the source and location of the problem with drain cameras. Then we can repair localised sections of the pipe without having to replace entire sewer sections.

Some older Perth suburbs can be impacted more frequently due to the clay pipe systems that were used at the time. Usually the roots of large trees in the area find their way into the pipe work and block a clear flow. Food waste, tea leaves, hot fat and rubbish can also cause issues when washed down drains. If hot fat is poured down outlets, it can then set in pipes once it cools, causing blockages.

damaged sewage pipes

Blockages in sewer pipes can cause waste water build up in surrounding manholes. Waste water may also overflow from disconnector traps, often found outside the home, with gratings covering them. Be sure to keep these gratings clear.

Extreme care must be taken by professionals when dealing with sewer pipes as poisonous, explosive gases can build in these pipes. Nearly all sewer pipes have trap water seals to stop these gases entering buildings.

If there’s over 5 metres of sewer drain damage in a few sections, or it’s situated in an area of future building works, or where a pool’s positioned, this section of drain can also be replaced.

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Blocked sewer cost in Perth Metro

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