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bosch pilot ignition

Bosch Pilot ignition system

If you’re looking for a good quality gas system that provides hot water when you need it, and saves both Energy and money in the longer term, the Bosch Pilot Ignition system is ideal for your Perth home.

hot water when you need it

The Bosch Pilot Ignition runs on natural gas or LPG and comes in two model sizes, the 10P and 16P.

The Bosch Pilot Ignition is a great way to maintain a commitment to switching off, while still having the creature comforts of hot water on demand. It’s a continuous flow system, which means you get continuous hot water that doesn’t waste a drop. The system is designed to turn on when you turn your tap on, and turn off when the tap is turned off.

The 10P is more suited for buildings with a single bathroom, while a 16P is ideal if you have a larger house with up to 2 bathrooms. The standing, external installation and relatively small size means that it takes up very little outdoor space, measuring only 3-foot-seven-inches high and one-and-a-half feet wide. The 10P and 16P units weigh only 21kg and 24kg respectively, making them lightweight and versatile.

peace of mind

The Pilot Ignition system comes with a domestic warranty of 2 years for parts and labour, and a 10 year, parts-only warranty on the Heat Exchanger. This should give you peace of mind for years to come.

With the Bosch Pilot Ignition hot water heating system, you’re guaranteed hot water for years to come. Contact the team at Pascoe’s in Perth on 1300 072 726 or book online to receive 10% off your price. Receive a free $50 gift card with all completed work. Pascoe’s guarantee you’ll have hot water tonight or it’s free*

Enjoy a constant, reliable supply of hot water with the Bosch Pilot Ignition system.

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