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dux non-condensing system

When you don’t want to waste valuable time and energy waiting for hot water, the Dux Non-Condensing system is designed to heat your water as required, increasing energy efficiency and most importantly, saving you money! The Non-Condensing range includes the 17L, 21L and the 26L models, each pumping their numerical value in litres-per-minute.

never run out of water

The 17L, 21L and 26L all have continuous flow technology, so you are never without hot water. Continuous flow means the system is designed to turn on when you turn your tap on, and turn off when the tap is turned off so you’re never using heat you don’t need.

The continuous flow system allows these systems to achieve high energy efficiency ratings. The 17L system has a 6 Star energy efficiency rating, while the 21L has 6.1 Stars and the 26L has 6 Stars. This is guaranteed to save you money, and help save the environment!

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Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical’s team of plumbers supply, install & repair Dux Non-Condensing hot water heaters to all of Perth. All 3 models can be installed inside or outside and take up little space due to their compact design. The 17L and 21L models measures 520mm high and 350mm wide. The larger 26L model measures 600mm high and 350mm wide making them perfect for indoor installation in smaller spaces.

With all three of these models, you’re in control with the optional water temperature controller so you can pre-set the desired temperature for different areas of your home, at different times of the year. And Dux is so confident in its non-condensing system, that as a quality-assuring sweetener, all of these models come with a 12 year warranty on their heat exchangers. Dux also adds warranty for 3 years on parts and labour. So, if anything should go wrong, you’re covered.

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