Earth stakes

Although you might not realise it, there is one particular item that belongs in every home and without it, and it would be very dangerous to live there. The item is called an earth stake, or earth rod, and an earth stake’s purpose is to deliver a calculated electrical path to diffuse static discharge voltage (like lightning) to earth, or ground. Electrical circuits are connected to ground (earth) for numerous reasons, in mains powered appliances or machinery, unprotected metal parts are connected to earth to avert human contact with dangerous voltage.

Connection to Earth

Earth connections which use electrical earth stakes are vital for the functioning operation of electrical safety switches in your home. If your building is not earthed or grounded, you can be electrocuted. If there is no ground connection, your safety switches will not work and electrical faults can cause a house or its appliances to become ‘live’ when the current flows to earth.

How do earth stakes fail?

Earth stakes often do fail for a number of reasons like poor connection or no connection between the earth stake and the electrical wire, dry soil or concrete filled in around the earth stake, an earth stake that is too short or not in contact with the ground, and the most common issue is when the earth stake becomes damaged or rusted.

The Local Perth Electrical Experts

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