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When you’re a home owner, it’s important to be able to save money on the simple things when possible. One of the most frequent ways of over spending in our homes is of course electricity, and we constantly drum it into our families to turn lights off when we are not using them, and to save us much power as we can because it is just so expensive. Although we try hard to conserve energy, sometimes it is just not possible, but there are options available that can help to reduce power consumption.

electric timers

One of the most beneficial ways to conserve energy is to use electric timers in our homes on the appliances and electrical devices which are not needed to run full-time. Timers are very convenient in areas of your home where you need fans, heaters or lights to run for short or intermittent amounts of time and have the option to turn off automatically.

Automatic electric timers are not only useful inside your home, but they can also be very useful outside your home, particularly when it comes to security. You can set your security lights and outdoor lighting to turn off during daylight hours to conserve electricity. Electric timers can also be used for garden watering, with timers set on pumps and irrigation networks on your property, and there are even timers specifically designed to be able to operate your pool filtration system or cleaning settings at set times of the day.

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If you believe that your home can utilise electric timers, an electrician from Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical is nearby, and with their expertise, can not only show you the best options for your property, but can supply and install a range of products to help save money.

Pascoe’s Electrical can offer a free quote and are available 7 days a week. They offer same day service and emergency electrical and plumbing repair options as well. Call them today on 1300 072 726.

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