Hot water system

Hot Water Issues?

If you have a hot water system that is not working to its full extent there could be many reasons it is having problems. Common hot water system issues can include tank leaks, not producing enough hot water, water that is not hot enough or water that is too hot, weird noises from within the tank, or discoloured smelly water. All of these issues are actually quite common with aging hot water systems, and there are a number of fixes that can end your hot water troubles.

Repair or Replace?

If your hot water system is left too long with any of the above issues, it may actually cause irreparable damage to the unit, or it may completely break down on you. If your hot water system is showing signs of age or damage, and winter is coming, then you should get a qualified tradesperson to come and take a look, and fix any issues before the weather gets too cold, and leaves you without hot water when you need it the most.

Pascoe’s are the Experts

Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are the nearby experts in Perth when it comes to gas or electrical hot water systems. Pascoe’s electricians can come out to your home and determine what the issue is, give you a quote to repair it or offer you product information for the supply of a new replacement system if the old one is too far beyond repair.

Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have many years’ experience in all things electrical and gas, and when it comes to repairing or replacing hot water systems, there is no one better to call for the job than your local experts. It’s important to remember that in Western Australia you need to have a licensed tradesperson perform any electrical or plumbing work by law, and Pascoe’s have tradies available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Call them to arrange a free quote on 1300 708 591 or book online. Pascoe’s have emergency electrical and plumbing available and they don’t charge a call out fee.