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When renovating the home, making changes to the bathroom is actually one of the major priorities for most homeowners (after the kitchen). Today, one of the most popular trends with bathroom renovations in Perth is big spacious bathrooms, with separate shower and bath space, as opposed to the shower over bath scenario we have been succumbed to for the past few decades. Renovating your bathroom to redesign everything so it fits both practically and aesthetically means you will most likely need the help of a professional at some point. And one of those reasons is to have a bath installed by a licensed plumber.

replacing or relocating your old bath

When you are relocating or replacing large items like baths and showers so they are more practical in the space you have, more often than not, the pipes and drains also need to be moved. Although in some cases you may be able to keep them in the original position, it might not give you the efficiency you’re looking for.

the local plumbing professionals

Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have a wide range of skills that can help you create the ultimate bathroom oasis, and one of their specialties is installing baths. Pascoe’s plumbers can install your new bath into your bathroom to whatever customised specifications you desire. Installing drains and taps are a job best left to the professionals in Perth, because all plumbing work must be carried out by a licensed professional. If you require relocation of water piping as well, Pascoe’s have a team nearby that can help.

Pascoe’s plumbers specialise in bathroom plumbing renovations and offer same day service in the local Perth area. Call us today for a free quote, and if we complete a job for you, you will receive a free $50 gift card.

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How much does installing a bath cost?

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