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Importance of pipes

When you build a new home or renovate a space that needs any kind of water access and disposal, you need to ensure your drainage is completely capable of getting rid of any water that isn’t needed. Incorrect drainage can become an expensive problem; so you need to have the correct pipes.
Installing pipes is a job for the professionals, and you need to hire a licensed plumber to complete any work on your property to prevent any damage to your property and home.

Incorrect piping itself can cause serious issues, particularly if the water can leak anywhere near electrical outlets, lighting or wiring. If you want to ensure your renovations not only look good and function well, AND that they are also safe, call a Pascoe’s plumber for advice on your pipe solutions.

Different areas of your home require specifically different pipes, and kitchen pipes are generally very different to bathroom pipes. Outdoor pipes are almost as important to have the correct installation as inside, because water that doesn’t drain correctly off your property can cause serious problems over time. Pascoe’s Gas & Water have a number of solutions available for your piping needs.

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Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical plumbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and when your local plumber visits your home they will evaluate where pipes are needed and what type, and offer you the best options to fix it. Because it is so important to get drainage right you need to contract the best, and most experienced plumbers; to ensure your investment is protected.

Pascoe’s Gas & Water have nearby technicians in every Perth suburb, and can offer a range of plumbing and electrical works. Call Pascoe’s Gas & Water today on 1300 072 726, or if you book online we will give you 10% off your total price.

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How much does installing pipe cost?

Need to know how much installing pipe may cost? Request a free on-site quote today. Call us on 1300 072 726 or enquire online.