Install Shower

If you’re in the process of renovating your bathroom, building an extension or granny flat with its own bathroom, or simply building a new home; shower installation is one of the most important elements of your bathroom space to get right.

Shower install

There are many ways to install showers and they range from freestanding fibreglass or porcelain based showers, to over-bath showers, and customised tile showers. There are many types of showers and heads available also, like your standard mixer showers with a multitude of shower head and tap options, power or electric showers which boost your water pressure if it is low, and the more advanced modern digital showers. Although there are many differences between shower options, there is one common factor that they all have, and that is the plumbing.

Beneath your shower lies a range of pipes and drains that are very important to install correctly. A shower might seem like a very basic item to install, however with the wrong installation you could end up being frustrated for many years to come. Correct installation of a shower needs to be carried out by a licensed plumber in Western Australia, and Pascoe’s Gas & Water have plumbers available to advise you on the best options. Because your bathroom design plays a big role in how practical the installation will be, there is no better reason to hire the plumbers with the most experience.

Your Plumber is Nearby

Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have been installing showers for over 50 years in the local Perth area, and know exactly what is involved with everything from piping and drainage to shower positioning, and can supply and install a broad range of taps and shower heads to suit your style, budget and showering desires.

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