Install Toilet

When it comes to the toilet, you don’t want to take any risks in your Perth home. Whether you’re building a new home, renovating or you’re having problems with your current system and you think it might be time to replace it – you want to make sure the installation is taken care of properly.

New toilet

If you’re building a new home, you want to ensure you have a toilet that works! Once you’ve decided on the style of toilet you want (dual flush, single, eco, and so on), you need a professional from Pascoe’s to come and install it.

Toilet replacement

If a toilet in your home is beginning to show visible signs of wear, or starting to leak, it most likely means that it could be time to replace it. Weighing repair costs against the installation of a new toilet is a good idea because installing a new toilet is the best solution for a troublesome fixture.

From structural integrity to cosmetic concerns, there are times when a new toilet is a good idea.

  • Your existing toilet requires too many repairs – rebuilding a toilet will cost you more money than a new one.
  • Repetitive clogging – If your toilet requires plunging more than once a week, it could mean there are some underlying issues.
  • Crack in porcelain – hairline cracks can develop in the bowl or tank, and can turn into an unsanitary flood of water in your home.
  • Scratches – As the surface of the toilet porcelain gets worn or scratched it will become increasing difficult to keep clean, and can eventually cause weaknesses.
  • To save water

We’re here to install

Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have plumbers available to serve every suburb of Perth, and have many years’ experience in repairing, replacing parts and installing toilets. From supply of your new throne to piping and connection, there is no one better than Pascoe’s plumbers to perform the task.

Call Pascoe’s today for a free quote, on 1300 484 153, or book online. Pascoe’s also offer a free $50 gift card for every completed job, and we don’t charge call out fees.