Kitchen Drainage

The importance of pipes

Remodelling your kitchen will not only provide you with a fresh look and fantastic new appliances, but it’s important you also get the plumbing right. Replacing old, blocked or leaking drains is vital to ensure your new kitchen is working at its best.

Pascoe’s plumbers will install or inspect and repair any drainage issues you might be having in your kitchen.

When your kitchen isn’t operating properly, you’re going to have to deal with a hungry, angry household – that’s why it’s best to get your kitchen systems installed properly by a trained and licensed professional for your new home or renovation.

When it comes to supplying, installing and repairing drains in your kitchen, the plumbers at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical in Perth know what they’re doing and have a great range of products, experience and advice to ensure your kitchen is always running at its best.

What many people don’t realise is that in Western Australia, it is actually a legal requirement to have your drains installed by a gas and water fitter who is fully licensed. This is why calling Pascoe’s is the only option to ensure the installation process meets all Australian statutory requirements and that the specifications of the manufacturer’s warranty are maintained.

If you’re renovating and your kitchen drains only need a touch-up, Pascoe’s provides a range of services, including moving pipes to a more suitable location to suit your new look kitchen, repairing any drainage issues you might have, checking and fixing any blockages and leaking pipes, and replacing any old pipes that might be prone to problems.

For reno jobs or new builds, you’ll be able to purchase a range of supplies from Pascoe’s prior to the work commencing. You might need drains for your sinks, garbage disposal and dishwasher and want to ensure you have the right size and that it suits your household’s water requirements. Or you could be considering some of the drain-related accessories, like basket strainers, mesh strainers, sink stoppers, flanges and stoppers for garbage, and waste valves.

The helpful advice from the Pascoe’s team, this will not only save you time, but may also save you money! There is no doubt they know what they’re talking about. They’ve been there, seen it and done it all before – and they love their job!

If you already have all your new drains and systems ready to go, the experienced team of plumbers at Pascoe’s are also more than happy to install your pre-purchased products.

When you’re planning to renovate your kitchen or looking for someone to install the drains in your new home, give the team at Pascoe’s in Perth a call on 1300 484 153 today or book online for a free quote.