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Having the right taps, mixers and fixtures in your kitchen is imperative in everyday living, which is why it’s important to install the right system to suit your every day needs. Whether you’re going for a modern design, something standard or something unique, there are an abundance of products available that are easy for the professionals at Pascoe’s to install.

Whether you are upgrading your old kitchen, renovating an existing home or building a new home, choosing the right hardware that not only looks good but that performs well too is very important to the future functionality of the hub of your house, your kitchen.

kitchen tap options

The decision of whether you want taps and a dispenser, a water mixer or the addition of a water filter for your kitchen sink can simply be dictated by personal preference or design aesthetics. It does not have to be dictated by existing pipe-work so there is no need to compromise on your dream design ideas.

For your convenience, Pascoe’s Plumbing stocks a range of tap sets, mixers and water filters from brands including Armada, Verde Alder, and Ram to name a few. You can choose from traditional hob style or sleek modern mixers to perfectly suit the design of your new kitchen decor and can be combined with a purifying water filter.

You can also purchase your kitchen fixtures separately and have your local Pascoe’s plumber install these for you, providing the added benefit of ensuring your taps, mixer and water filter will be fitted in exactly the right spot to suit your sink without the need for unnecessary compromise.

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All water and gas plumbing work carried out in Perth is required to be undertaken by a licensed plumber to ensure the installation meets current industry know how, codes and safety standards. This specification guarantees no nasty surprises or damaging leaks are created due to inexperienced handyman installation.

Choosing your local Perth Pascoe’s Plumber to install your kitchen fixtures will assure you of getting the job done correctly, and if necessary the option of shifting pipe work to suit your upgrade, reno or new home. Your Pascoe’s Plumber will also advise you on any potential issues related to your installation to ensure you have both peace of mind and functional kitchen fixtures.

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