Leaking Dishwasher

Having a dishwasher is a luxury, and it’s one you’re not likely to want to give up any time soon, due to a simple leak. A leaking dishwasher might start out as something quite small and insignificant but it can quickly turn into an expensive challenge if it isn’t repaired straight away. Dishwashers are a common appliance in the home and also one of the most likely to have leaks, due to the consistent use. Because dishwashers have a number of different and very specific connections and hoses, performing repairs is a job that only a professional should attempt.

There are a number of ways your dishwasher can leak and if the problem is not repaired quickly it can cause severe water damage in your kitchen. There could be a faulty washer within taps or hoses and attachments, and your dishwasher can also if the drain is blocked or not working properly. A defective pump or pump seal can also cause your dishwasher to leak.

Pascoe’s repair dishwashers

When you need repairs performed on your dishwasher, your local plumbers from Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical will visit your home, evaluate what the issue is and repair it, replace any parts that need replacing and offer advice on how to maintain your dishwasher. Pascoe’s plumbers have a broad range of experience within the plumbing industry and can advise what the best options are for your problems.

In Western Australia all plumbing repairs and installation must be carried out by a licensed contractor, and Pascoe’s have licensed professional plumbers servicing all areas of Perth. We offer same day service, so you can be confident knowing there is a plumber nearby.

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