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leaking gas

something smell strange in your home or yard?

It’s not something to be taken lightly and we highly recommend you call an emergency professional as soon as you smell it. Why? Because it could be a result of leaking gas in your home; and that in turn can be both detrimental to the house, the yard, surroundings and any occupants in the area. If there is one thing you should take very seriously, it is this.

what to do when you smell a gas leak?

When you smell gas there are a number of very important things you must do, depending on the situation, and the first is to turn off any appliances or pilot lights within your home immediately. This can include appliances like ovens, hot water systems and heaters. It is really important to notify anyone within very close distance of the suspected leak about the situation, and make sure no naked flames are present.

call your nearby emergency gas specialists

If you do not know how to turn items off, call an emergency plumber on 1300 072 726 and let them us know the situation, and they will send an emergency plumber to locate and repair the leak. If you can easily track a leak to a section of pipe work connecting your appliances, or on an appliance itself, you should immediately turn off your gas supply at the meter, and contact a licensed gas fitter to fix the problem.

Once you have turned off your gas supply and called Pascoe’s emergency plumbers, make sure you open windows and doors to allow ventilation, which will reduce the chance of explosions. Turn off any nearby electrical items, but do not touch any light switches, do not use a telephone or anything that could spark a fire.

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Leaking gas cost in Perth Metro

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