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Smelling something a bit off lately at your home? Unfortunately, for many Perth residents, sewer leaks are common, and though there are many causes, the smells associated with the leaks can be the first sign something is going wrong.

Aside from the smell, signs you might have a sewer leak can include being able to hear the sound of constantly running water in your sewer system – your toilets, bath and shower drains, taps and pipes run to your sewer and may have a leak. You might also experience wet or moist feeling floors. Your plumbing network twists and bends through your home with a system of pipes to your sewer line, and leaks can eventually cause visible damage, which needs to be seen to immediately when found.

You could also have visible mould or wall mildew; cracks in your home’s foundations, warped concrete sidewalks, driveways or other concreted areas are also a good sign that could mean you have sewer leaks; and irregularly lush grassy areas or sunken wet patches of your lawn or yard could mean you have a sewer pipe failure.

health hazards

Because of the health hazards that can be associated with sewer leaks, they should be treated as an emergency, especially if you can smell strong odours. Because your sewer contains methane gas there is a risk of explosions and asphyxiation, so it is really important a Pascoe’s plumber has the chance to assess the situation quickly.

If you suspect a sewer leak problem in or around your home, contact our team at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical and we can send one of our qualified professional plumbers to your home to evaluate the sewer, find and repair any sewer leaks. Pascoe’s have plumbing professionals nearby in every Perth suburb, so call us today o1300 072 726 for Perth’s local emergency plumbers.

Pascoe’s plumbers offer same day service, and offer a free $50 gift card with all completed work.

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