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Drip. Drip. Drip. No doubt at some point in your life you’ve been woken up by that sound, and discovered the shower has started to drip through the night.

There are a number of reasons your shower can start to leak, and if it’s not repaired quickly, it can end up costing more than you hope. Like your taps and faucets, a leaking shower can have many causes, because your showers can become worn over time, and start to leak.

One sign that you might need to repair or replace your shower is when it develops a slow and steady drip. Your shower consists of a number of different elements; the taps, shower head, the piping that connects the taps to the shower heads, and sometimes an extension hose and shower head combination. Because these items stop and start constant high water pressure, faulty washers can develop faults, which will need replacing.


A cause of leaks near your taps or behind your shower walls can also stem from broken pipes or fittings, and if these leaks are not repaired urgently, they can end up causing severe water damage, especially if the cause has anything to do with excess water pressure. If your leaking shower occurs more at specific times of the day, it could mean that your water pressure is too high, and your plumber may need to adjust it to stop leaks.

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In Perth, you need to ensure anyone carrying out repairs or installations of plumbing appliances in your home must be qualified, and Pascoe’s have a number of plumbers nearby in every suburb.

Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have vast experience in the local plumbing industry, and our plumbers can repair, replace and retrofit shower heads and taps, as well as complete a range of plumbing and electrical services and renovations. Pascoe’s plumbers also have same day service, no callout fees and no hourly rates for our work.

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