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damaged or broken lights are a hazard

Damaged or broken lights can cause a lot of issues, ranging from safety and security to excessive energy bills or worse, they could become a fire risk. If you have noticed any of your lights flickering intermittently or if your light bulbs happen to blow more often than they should, it could be time to replace your lighting, or have repairs carried out on your lighting to find any underlying issues.
Broken lights are not only annoying but they pose a security risk, and if located in an area of your property where lighting should deter intruders, then it’s an issue that should be resolved with haste. Light fixture damage is frequently caused by fitting light bulbs with wattage ratings that are far too high; however overheating and light fixture failures can be prevented by using light bulbs specified by the manufacturer or your electrical contractor.

replace or repair

Failing to replace or repair faulty lights could result in a number of ongoing issues; however the cause of the faulty lights is more importantly rectified, as they could actually stem from faulty light sockets, faulty wall sockets and switches or even issues with wiring inside the walls. If this is the case there might be some invisible hazards that could put your life at risk, and immediate repairs should be carried out. Light fixtures can often fail because sockets or their built-in switches wear or burn out. Some lighting fixtures have switches or sockets that can be removed for repairs.

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In Perth, your premier electrical repairers is Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical. Pascoe’s electricians can come out to your property and perform a number of tests that can help to determine where the issues are coming from with your lighting, offer a free quote to repair or replace the items, and carry out the work on the same day.

Contact Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical by calling 1300 072 726 or book online to arrange for a free quote. No Call Out Fees, No Hourly Rates, just good service!

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How does repair lighting cost?

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