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Rheem's continuous flow hot water system

When you don’t like the idea of wasting hot water, choosing a continuous flow hot water system is ideal. Turn on the tap and you get hot water fast; turn off the tap and the heat stops working. It’s an ideal energy saver and Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical are helping more Perth residents than ever before to install continuous flow systems.

Rheem’s continuous flow hot water heater is one of the most popular and is the first in its range to achieve a 6 Star energy efficiency rating, breaking all the barriers and saving you money in the process. Rheem’s continuous flow technology heats water on-demand rather than heating and storing until needed. Such systems actually produce net-negative energy-saving results.

solar compatible

This model is capable of delivering a variety of litres per-minute; 12L/min, 16L/min, 18L/min, 20L/min, or 27L/min and these deliverables can be adjusted to suit your needs. Continuous Flow models also vary in their default maximum temperature settings, maxing out at either 50°C or 70°C; compatible with solar technology. Thanks to its compatibility to solar technology, you’ll save more money by utilising solar panels, switching to gas when the sun goes down.

compact & durable

The unit is compact and is mounted to your wall and comes with indoor temperature-controllers and a handy remote to control the system. Rheem guarantees the quality of this product, with a 10 year warranty on the unit’s heat exchangers.

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