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If you don’t have a lot of room to spare in your Perth home, you’ll want a hot water system that is going to give you all the hot water you need – without taking up valuable storage space. The Rheem Compact product line certainly lives up to both its name and tagline: “Hot water for small spaces.”

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Our plumbing team at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical have many years experience when it comes to the supply, installation and repair of Rheem Compact systems. These models are specifically designed to be installed quickly and with ease, in tight spaces such as under kitchen sinks. It might be small, but it’s tough; the inside of the cylinder is lined with ceramic, and the cylinder itself is made from tough steel. Rheem backs their Compact product line with a 7 year cylinder warranty, 3 year warranty on parts and labour for that cylinder and 1 year warranty on all other components.

compact water-on-demand

Starting off with the smallest of all of Rheem’s products; the 25L electric-powered hot water heater has a storage capacity of 25L but delivers a fantastic 18L of water on-demand. This unit measures a little over 1 foot high (390mm), and is perfect for bachelor apartments catering to one person, and weighs only 18kg when empty.

The 47L model steps the game up slightly, able to cater to between one and two people, requiring a little over 2 feet of clearance to fit. It is the most compact of Rheem’s 40+L models, and can be adjusted and easily installed. Fitting aside, the water-delivery: capacity ratio is fantastic, this offers 45L of hot water delivery, with a 47L capacity. This model is built with the same material as the 25L one, and the same warranties apply.

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