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Considering Perth’s weather is generally good all year round, when it comes to choosing a hot water system to suit; you don’t want to be paying extra for something that’s frost-friendly. Rheem offers a range of types of system to suit every Perth household and the HiLine range is a self-contained design suited to the local climate.

Rheem’s Hiline, roof-mounted solar hot water heater comes in four different models: 160L, 180L, and 2 x 300L models. The lower capacity 160L is capable of servicing between 1 and 2 people and comes with an electric booster, which provides 80L of hot water on cloudy or rainy days. The qualified plumbing team at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical supply, install and repair Hiline systems to Perth residents throughout the region.

continuous hot water

The next 3 models in the range are more family suited, the 180L “52L” series model heats water directly as it passes through the solar collectors and then circulates that water back to the tank.

This happens continuously, so you are never running out of hot water. The same process happens on the larger 300L / 52L model. The 300L / 52L model also comes with a gas booster (using either natural gas or LPG) or an electric booster, to help the system operate during days of cloud or rain.

Warranties vary by model. The 300L / 52L comes with a 7 year warranty on the cylinder, as does the 52L / 180L model. However, the 52S models (both 160L and the 300L) come with a 5 year warranty on their cylinders.

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