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If you’re like many Perth residents and are keen to do your bit for the planet and ensure you have hot water any time you need it, the Rheem Loline model range is ideal for your larger sized home.

save the planet and your wallet

Rheem’s Loline model range is all about saving the planet and saving you money — while keeping your hot water running! The Loline range is a solar hot water heater designed for warmer climates with plenty of sun exposure – making it ideal for Perth. This product is designed to work in conjunction with Rheem’s NPT200 or Rheem LCS Solar Collectors and cuts energy consumption by 65-70%.

Coming in three different models geared towards families, the model range consists of: 270L, which is capable of servicing between 2 and 5 people, 325L for between 2 and 6 people, and the largest 410L, which is ideal for between 3 and 7 people.

Another great feature of Rheem’s Loline range is that it features an electric boosting system, which enables the hot water heater to continue producing hot water, even after the sun goes down.

Rheem’s Loline range comes with a 5 year warranty on both the cylinder and collectors, 3 year labour warranty on the cylinders and a 1 year parts and labour warranty. This system also gives its user eligibility for a program called Small-Scale Technology Certifications, financial incentives provided by the Australian Government to encourage more people to install solar hot water heaters like Rheem’s.

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