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rheem premier hiline

Rheem premier hiline range

Whether you’re after hot water in winter or summer, you don’t want to risk running out and one of the favourite systems for Perth residents is Rheem’s Premier HiLine.

The Premier HiLine model features three models: 52H180, 52H300 and the 52C300 and these solar hot water heaters are designed specifically for families who use a lot of water.

This model is made specifically to fit onto your roof, so you might need some reinforcing to your roof, and uses natural thermosiphon principles to transfer the energy from the collectors into the stainless steel storage tank.

good for the cold

The Premier HiLine models are all specifically designed to be used in colder areas; which make them perfect for the coastal areas of Perth’s suburbs. The 52H300 comes with an electric booster which will kick in on cloudy or rainy days, providing you with up to 150L (half) of the normal capacity of hot water. The same is true of the 52H180 model, except it provides only 90L of the normal capacity of hot water on cloudier or rainy days.

In Perth, it’s a legal requirement that all gas and electrical work is completed by a trained professional, so ensure you call our team at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical to do the work for you. You’ll not only be abiding by the law, but you’ll save your warranty as well.

designed to last

And speaking of warranties, the 52H180 and 52H300 models come with 7 year warranties on the cylinder, 3 year labour warranty, 5 year warranties on their solar collectors and 1 year parts and labour warranty on all domestic installations. The 52C300 model comes with 5 year warranty on the cylinder and solar collector, 3 year labour warranty and 1 year parts and labour warranty on all domestic installations.

The qualified plumbers at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical supply, install and repair HiLine systems to Perth residents throughout the region. Give them a call today on 1300 072 726 or book online and receive 10% off your booking. Or choose to receive a $50 gift card on completion of the work.

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