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There’s nothing worse than running out of hot water when you’re in the middle of a shower so you want to ensure you have a system that is built to last and suitable for all size households. The RheemPlus Electric series features four models, ranging from 125L to 315L capacity to suit all sizes of Perth homes, from apartments to large houses.

high energy

Across the range, it maintains a high energy factor (EF) of 0.95; a measurement of a hot water heater’s efficiency which uses the amount of hot water produced per unit of fuel consumed, over the course of a typical day. Saving energy and saving you money is high on Rheem’s list and to provide you with the highest quality system that saves, this model also features self-cleaning technology to help fight sediment build up.

Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical’s team of experienced plumbers have been installing, supplying and repairing hot water systems for years, so if you need assistance and advice, be sure to contact them today.

safe & efficient

The system comes with an insulated tank to minimise the loss of heat over time and RheemPlus Electric also has a great first-hour recovery rate and uses an anode rod, which provides long-lasting tank protection; along with a maximum temperature setting of 50°C for super safe operation.

All models in this range come with a 7 – 9 year cylinder warranty, 3 year labour warranty on the cylinder, and 1 year parts and labour warranty on all other components in a domestic installation.

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