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Rinnai Flowmaster range

Rinnai’s Flowmaster range has Perth residents covered with a wide variety of capacities ranging from 25L to 400L – and just about everything else in between. Rinnai’s Flowmaster models are steel tanks lined with vitreous enamel for extreme durability, all with inbuilt anodes for added longevity of the tank and a 7 year warranty across the board.

it's all about the size

The smaller-sized tanks (25L and 50L) are perfect for small spaces and single-person dwellings such as apartments, as they’re able to fit right into cupboards or under the kitchen sink. Flexibility during installation is increased by their dual-handedness, however these models are suitable for indoor usage only.

The medium-sized tanks (80L, 125L & 160L) are perfect for small homes with 2 to 4 occupants and are capable of servicing a single bathroom, as well as other appliances such as washing machines and kitchen sink-usage. These can be installed either inside or outside, and the vitreous enamel layer provides the necessary protection from the elements if the unit is installed outdoors.

The larger-capacity tanks (250L, 315L & 400L) are intended for large families of between 3 and 7 people, catering to your needs as a large family, without loss of water pressure. These large-scale tanks can also be installed either inside or outside.

get the right plumbers

All of these units operate using AC 240V 50Hz electrical supply. Be sure to contact the experienced plumbers at Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical to install or fix your Rinnai Flowmaster hot water heater. Give our nearby plumbing team a call in Perth on 1300 072 726 or book online for a free quote and to receive 10% off your first booking.

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