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Rinnai Heat Pumps can save you up to 25% on hot water bills (when based off 37% hot water energy contribution) – using about a third less power than equivalent electric hot water heaters. Hotflo electric heat pumps are hot water storage units that turn the heat found in the atmosphere into a water warming system, without the use of solar panels. Unlike pure solar units, heat pumps work day or night since it uses heat in the air. This works great in summer, but it’s not as effective in winter with potential periods of reduced hot water delivery. Rinnai guarantees hot water performance within Perth postcodes.

Rinnai heat pump models

Rinnai Heat Pumps can generate around 700L of hot water daily with 15°C inlet water, 20°C ambient air temperature and 40% humidity. Under usual operation, systems use around 66% less than typical same-size electric units – the great green choice, if you need an economical emergency swap without the need of roof-mounting.

Working best in warm climates they still work in cooler areas but users may find systems take longer to heat up. If the temperature drops below 15°C, this model’s recovery rate is less, as there is no internal back-up system. You may have to consider a Gas Booster in addition to this unit, for any chilly days that do not reach above 15°C, as Rinnai does not offer Electric Boosters.

Rinnai Heat Pumps come in two models, which can attract government rebates:

Split Heat Pumps feature a commercial grade stainless steel tank, durable compact compressor, heat exchanger and control system. They’re covered by a 10 year warranty and are a two-piece system.

Integrated Heat Pumps are simple all-in-one compact installations for easy solar upgrades to your electric unit. They’re better for areas with hard water due to their vitreous enamel coated tank (within warranty parameters).

RINEHP32/HPST265 Split Heat Pumps are great for indoor hot water tank replacement, including apartment blocks, where no ground space is available outside, as the heat pump modules can be wall-mounted externally (away from windows, due to noise). They work like an air-conditioner in reverse, transferring air heat to warm the water consuming 1.9kW of power. Cylinders have 10 year parts warranties domestically (3 years labour), 1year compressor and 1 year on rest (parts/labour). Split models have 265L storage capacity, weighing 56kg (empty), standing 1700mm high, and 600mm wide. The separate heat pump model measures 765mm high, 790mm wide, and 295mm deep.

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RINE250EHP Integrated Heat Pump offers a 5 year parts warranty on cylinders domestically (1 year labour), 2 years compressor and 1 year on rest (parts/labour). Integrated models have 259L storage capacity, weighing 113kg (empty). Tanks are 1755mm high, and 632mm wide. It uses the same fittings as standard hot water heaters whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions, consuming 1.2kW of power.

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