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rinnai infinity range

When you’re looking for a hot water system that is compact, quiet, energy efficient and offers hot water whenever you need it (fast) – the Rinnai Infinity range is ideal for your Perth home.

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Rinnai’s Infinity gas hot water heater range comes in a variety of different sizes, and with a variety of different features for each model. The 16L, 20L and 26L achieve the highest-standards of energy-efficiency, with a 6.2-star rating for the 16L, and two 6.1-star ratings for the 20L and 26L tanks. These lower-capacity range models are designed and manufactured in Japan, with compactivity in mind, allowing for flexibility of installation. These systems are ideal for apartments or townhouses and are capable of supplying 1-2 people with continuously flowing hot water without pressure loss.

Further innovation from Rinnai has produced variants of the 26L and 32L tanks. The 26 Touch model has incorporated wireless remote-control technology into the above-mentioned 26L model for optimum control at the press of a button. The 26 Enviro is a step-up in environmentally-conscious technology from Rinnai — it’s the first 7 Star energy-efficient hot water heater in Australia, generating only 1/6th of the greenhouse gas emissions of a standard electric system and is also available in a larger 32L equivalent, while maintaining that 7 Star energy-efficiency rating. The 26L SmartStart offers on-demand hot water through preheating the water in the pipes, before you turn on the tap.

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All models come with a standard 12 year warranty on their heat exchangers and Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical install, supply and repair all types of system.

To find out how the INFINITY range might benefit your household, call your nearby Pascoe’s plumbers in Perth on 1300 072 726 or book online for a free quote and to receive 10% off your bill.

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