Whether you want to replace a few bits and pieces and revamp your old shower system, or implement a brand new shower, Pascoe’s has you covered. Our plumbers can disconnect, relocate and reconnect shower pipework, install all the fixtures, and make sure the water is up and running. We work with all shower designs and systems, and can provide basic fixtures or utilise the fixtures you have purchased. From the taps to the drain to your brand new showerhead, Pascoe’s plumbers will look after it all.

Everyone loves a good shower so when you’re preparing for your bathroom renovation or new home, you want to have a shower that is built to last. Pascoe’s Gas, Water & Electrical specialise in all kinds of shower installation throughout the Perth region and will ensure your shower and plumbing is fitted right the first time.

From faucets to showerheads, water and drain pipe routing to water pressure, Pascoe’s offer a full range of products, plumbing and installation services and advice to suit your family’s requirements. They provide a selection of high quality equipment, from single showerheads to dual units, hand held to shower rails, along with a variety of valves designed to suit the needs of all kinds of home.

When choosing a style of shower to suit your family, there are two main options to consider – including shower-tub combinations and stand-alone showers. Depending on your needs and available space, if you’re unsure – just ask the team for advice. The team are also available to help you make an informed decision on the products you need for your new or reno project and highly recommend Verde Alder, Fowler Chrome and Moda, among other brands.

If you’ve already done your shopping, that’s not a problem. Pascoe’s plumbers are more than happy to provide full installation services to ensure your chosen styles and products are working effectively and efficiently for years to come.

When having a shower installed in Perth, it is a legal requirement that you have a licensed gas and water fitter install your products. The team at Pascoe’s will ensure your shower is installed correctly to ensure you meet all Australian statutory requirements and maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. Not only that, it will give you comfort of peace of mind for years to come knowing your shower has been professionally installed.

To find out more about shower upgrades, installation and products, give the experienced plumbers at Pascoe’s a call on 1300 484 153 today or book online for a free quote.