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Gas Services

Call a Pascoe’s gasfitter for your next gas install, service or repair in Perth

Repair Taps & Sinks

With Pascoe’s, you’ll never have to put up with faulty plumbing fixtures again.

Install Stove

Converting your old electric cooktop into a gas stove? Hire a Pascoe’s gasfitter.

Connect Sewer

Renovating your Perth home and need to connect your sewer pipes? Call Pascoe’s.

Install Pipe

Thinking of bringing in a Perth plumber to lay some pipe? Try Pascoe’s.

Install Shower

If you need assistance fitting a new showerhead, ring Pascoe’s plumbing.

Install Bath

Upgrading your Perth bathroom with a brand new tub? Pascoe’s has you covered.

Install Toilet

Pascoe’s plumbers can quickly and easily install your new toilet or cistern.

Install Drain

Replacing a faulty drain and need some professional plumbing help? Call Pascoe’s.