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Smart Homes Are For Living

Our homes continue to be revolutionised with smart technology and devices, influencing how we live and improving our lifestyles. Creating a smart home system involves connecting IoT-enabled (Internet of Things) technology to your Wi-Fi network, enabling you to communicate with appliances in real time, either from an app, smartphone or tablet, or through a voice-controlled smart speaker.

You can train your home automation system to fit in with your routines and rules. If you leave the house, for example, you can activate sensors, lights, security cameras, heating, cooling, and more. Your home automation system will recognise your comings and goings, then automatically adjust appliance settings, without the need for any manual input.

There’s no need to outlay a lot of money to make your home smart. Start small and choose smart home products that are compatible with each other to build a foundation you can add to over time.  Here’s how automation is making homes more comfortable, convenient, and secure:

Home Control

Lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security, and home appliances can all be automated, but most people start with lighting. Many smart lighting systems program scenes and schedules via an app, and conveniently do not require a central hub. The system can interact with other smart home elements over Wi-Fi, or the Bluetooth function in your smartphone.

Smart plugs are handy to turn a lamp on and off remotely and dim the light bulb. Smart light bulbs, which are very energy efficient, can be controlled via an app or voice control. Control lighting settings and colour for each room, or turn lights on individually to change the mood of a room depending on the event or activity.

When you link a smart speaker with a display, it can do so much more than control your lighting –watch movies, stream a live feed from your home security camera, or make video voice calls.

Energy and Cost Saving

Smart metres and energy monitors can alert you and your utility provider on how much electricity and gas you’re using so you can curb your expenditure. Smart heating controls and thermostats help to deliver comfort, and cost and energy savings. Once they have established a heating and cooling schedule based on household routine, they can operate your system accordingly, with no unnecessary usage.

Built-in speakers allow you to override the thermostat memory to make commands in real-time and multi-purpose sensors can detect when you’re using – or not using – certain rooms and adjust accordingly. Homes that take advantage of these products see the savings on their electricity bill each month and experience significant long-term cost benefits.

For more energy-saving tips, read more from Synergy.

Home Security

Smart home security cameras not only provide a superior field of view and night vision, but also have built-in microphones and speakers. They keep a vigilant watch on your home while storing security data, such as the history of security camera feeds, for future reference.

HD cameras incorporated into doorbells can help keep track of package deliveries and are an added security measure, monitoring and enabling interaction with visitors from anywhere in the house from your mobile phone. Some can even recognise visitors and inform you that a specific person is at your door, deterring any intruder checking if anyone’s home.

Finally, if you’re prone to misplacing your keys, a smart door lock can unlock your home using a fingerprint, pin, or mobile phone.

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There are so many products on the market that are designed to get you and your home working smarter.   

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