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Winter Renovation Advice

Even with the best of intentions, shorter days and colder weather can make the most motivated renovators lose momentum. Whether it’s the shorter days and overcast weather dampening your spirits, or perhaps storms are making it flat out impossible to work on many of your home improvement projects, it can seem like there’s no other option than to bring things to a standstill. Thankfully, there are a lot of indoor projects that you can get done during the colder months. 


Focus on small tasks that you can complete one at a time, that way you won’t end up with your home half complete. This also allows you to space out tasks and take some pressure off. You’ll have the freedom to take weekends off every now and then to maintain your sanity, without leaving your home in shambles. Even if the jobs are one part of a larger project that you won’t be able to finish until the weather warms up, getting that portion completed will save you time and money later on.


Look for projects that you can immediately benefit from in winter. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to install security lights in your driveway. These add security to your home, but also make it a lot safer and easier getting to and from your front door and car when it’s dark out due to winter’s short days or dangerously slippery from a recent downpour. Other small winter jobs you could have completed include installing a bayonet for a gas heater or insulating your hot water pipes to reduce heat loss.


Even if you don’t feel like doing the work yourself, you can get a lot done. Winter can be a great time to bring in contractors for any jobs you need a professional for. In some cases, you’ll even be able to take advantage of cheaper off-season rates. Getting odd jobs completed such as updating your light fittings or plumbing fixtures will also help space out when you spend money so your budget won’t take as much of a hit when the full works begin in the warmer months.


If you decide you don’t want to do any work over winter, you can always use this time to research and plan the projects you want to undertake when the weather warms back up. This is the perfect way to really get your budget planned as best you can, and you’ll have plenty of time to shop around and notice price fluctuations. The other benefit to using winter to plan is that you will have enough time to work out what you really want versus what might have otherwise been an impulse decision.

The dropping temperature doesn’t have to put a halt to all renovation progress. If you want to keep on going there are plenty of jobs here and there that will cut down the time it takes to complete the rest of the work come spring and summer. If you’re not up to the task, this is a great time to bring in professionals for the jobs you can’t do yourself. Or get out your pen and paper, go online for a bit of inspiration, and use this time to plan everything you want to get done in the future.


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